Thursday, November 11, 2010

Front Entry - Decor Talk

Over the past few days I've been sharing the progress on the renovation of our front entrance. As most of you have commented, it's been rather drastic, epecially considering the majority of the work was completed over the course of 3 days (take a look at the construction progress here, here and here!). Today, I want to bring things inside and show you what we've been thinking of for our entry design. (Alright, what I've been thinking and B hasn't veto'd.... yet).

The best part of our future entry, will be the addition of a brand spanking new front closet. This is seriously exciting, and something I believe will add some value to our casa. The previous coat rack we had there was just messy looking....

Yeah, not really the most welcoming site to come home to. So, when we headed to Lowe's for our big shopping trip, I knew I wanted to pick some pretty doors. We ended up choosing these ones...

They are made by Jeld-Wen and are called Santa Fe. We'll have double doors, so it will be a ton of storage space. I adore them, and when I saw this picture featured in House Beautiful, those doors set off a lightbulb upstairs.

The walls will remain a creamy white colour, like they were previously, so I'd like the doors to be dark. B wasn't a fan of the green tint to the doors, and really neither am I, as I don't think it will work with our home. Instead, I'm leaning towards more of a charcoal grey colour, with our dark hardware. I think with everything else in the room being light, it will really ground the space.

As for flooring, I had originally hoped to pour a concrete floor which we could polish and I would stencil. Just as I thought, I've changed my mind. We were in a tile store not too long ago, when we stumbled across some tile that resembled old barn board flooring. No, not your typical faux wood tile, this has the knots and ridges and everything that real wood flooring would have - perfect for our front entry! Now we just need to go and buy it (and no... I couldn't find any pictures to share)!

For the time being, we're going to keep our old $15 score of a light fixture, but I'm starting to wonder if it will be too small in our new space. Even looking back now, sometimes I think it was a tad on the small side...

Only time will tell. We have a budget of about $0 for a new light fixture, but I may just have to keep my eyes open for one at our local ReStore. We've spotted some incredible pieces there recently!

Lastly, I mentioned in one of my past posts, that while B and my Dad worked diligently on the renovation process, I was out buying a new console table for our entry. I completely planned on sharing a photo of it with you today, but my camera had other plans. So another day.

My Mom and I spotted it in HomeSense and I immediately knew it was right for the space. Everything about it was what I had pictured. The slightly distressed look, the creamy colour and the  dark hardware. It's not too big and not too tiny. A perfect spot to store gloves and other little accessories in the drawers. The top will provide an area for a little lamp, and a catch all for keys (B's been losing his a lot recently). Maybe also a great spot to leave a little dish of treats for guests.

My end goal, is to create a space that is warm and welcoming for all those that enter our home. Somewhere that is neat and organized, and everything has it's place... not that it will always stay that way, but at least I'll be able to make it look just so when we have (planned) guests.

Of course, we still have a lot to do, like insulating, putting up vapour barrier, drywall, etc. before I can bring my dream design to life. I just wanted to share now, as this room will set the tone for the rest of the main floor living as we slowly start to renovate those spaces.


  1. I love your light fixture but you're right, it may not be large enough. Also, your old foyer had windows and skylights so I would imagine that during the day you probably didn't need to turn the light on. I still like the idea of something hanging. Is your new foyer's ceiling going to be pitched like the old one ?

  2. Thanks Katherine, we love it too but yes I do think it will be too small. The ceilings will once again be pitched (I told B it had to happen because i loved them so much, and it makes the small space seem bigger), but it will be higher than it was before.

    Having less windows will also be something we need to take into consideration... it may be time to go light fixture shopping! :)

  3. I love the new door!! Renovations and decorating takes time. I've done nothing with our front hall yet becaue I just haven't found the right table and light fixture at the right price.

  4. Looking great, but I agree the light fixture might benefit from being a bit larger.

  5. The closet is definitely essential, it'll come in handy. I like your tile idea too.

    I certainly know what it's like trying to renovate on a budget of $0...good luck!


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