Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dream Home - Snowy Escape

Another week with no reader requests... so this time, I just headed over to Sotheby's Realty and picked out a gem of a home that stood out to me.

After the snow that fell (albeit briefly) on Sunday, I was torn between sharing a snowy winter wonderland, or someplace warm to help me escape from the cold that has taken over as of late. In the end, a snowy escape won out when I stumbled across this home in Telluride, Colorado listed for $21M.
Doesn't it look gorgeous with those warm glowing lights amongst the snow covered hills? The perfect winter escape! Speaking of winter, it's feeling a little chilly... so let's head inside...

(Don't mind the off center photo, nothing I could do about it) There's so much to love about this spacious but cozy entrance! From the stone on the floors and wall to all of the wood, and those gorgeous windows! Then there are all of the wonderful details. Did you check out that railing on the lower left hand side? Or the brown sette? Even the front door is gorgeous. This home has definitely captured that welcoming feeling, and it continues into the open living area...
How about those vaulted ceilings and wood beams!? The magestic fireplace makes this room a perfect spot to kick back with a cozy blanket and a warm drink to admire that gorgeous view of the mountains... which extends into the simply elegant dining space (which you can spy in the last photo here).
Imagine hosting a dinner party with that back drop? I love that it's a less formal space for this chalet type escape, opening into not only the living, but this gorgeous kitchen as well...
The stone around the stove mirrors the gorgeous living room fireplace, which is just across the dining room, and those FRIDGES are to die for! Lots of space to stock up for any winter hibernating you may be doing! Or, if you aren't the hibernating type, then the space down below would be the perfect place to head after a day on the hills....
Stop by the bar to grab something to drink...
Then sit by the fire, or play a game of billards... whichever suits you!
If you still have more energy, why not hit up the games room?...
Or maybe the indoor bowling alley?
Then again, if you're looking for a chance to relax, you can also head to the theatre room and take in a movie of your choice...
Yes... that is a popcorn machine on the left. I think I have found my hibernation room!

Don't be afraid to bring friends either! With 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and 5 half baths... there's more than enough room for everyone!
And since I NEED to post every single gorgeous picture from this listing... here's a few of the other fabulous spaces that this place has to offer...
A library / reading nook! Looks cozy - and the perfect place for me to retreat to with book #15!
Who doesn't want their own personal spa in home?
HELLO WINE LOVERS DREAM! You're all invited over for a little winter escape party once I'm all unpacked! Would you mind brining a bottle to help fill up my newly acquired wine cellar?

I'm not much of a winter person, but if I could spend those long winter days holed up here in Colorado, I would happily do so! Check out the whole listing right here!

Where do you dream of living? What would your dream home have in it? I'd love to hear what you're dreaming of... and hopefully I can find that home for you!


  1. This is beautiful. I love the rustic elegance it offers. It reminds me of an extravagant version of my grandparents house in the Sierra mountains!

  2. Gorgeous!
    When I think of Colorado, I think of Heidi from 'the hills'...I dunno why, but there you have it!

    I would love to get away over Xmas to some place warm, same time zone, and short flight...that's the next wish (not going to happen)...

  3. Looks like Tom Cruise's place! Gorgeous!

  4. This house is insane!! You would never have to leave!

    I know I've already requested a dream home, but what about an Italian Villa next?

  5. what a great place...i wanna go on vacation now!


  6. this does look like an amazing vaca spot--so warm and cozy~

  7. Too cheap for me! I want more! Where is the swimming pool?


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