Friday, November 12, 2010

Fancy Friday Love

Happy Friday! I hope that your week was as full of fancy things as mine was!

This should've been included in last week's Fancy Friday Love, but I stumbled across it a little late when I was catching up on blogs over the weekend. I was SO inspired by Jordan's post about her family moving to Paris in the new year! I've been dreaming of moving to London for a year (or longer) since I was 18, and it's something B and I have chatted about back and forth. I think I may have to make time in my busy schedule to start doing further research... there's no time like the present, right?

I want a closet like Megan's... end of story.

Okay, I'm sure every woman want's a closet like Megan's... is it really too much to ask? You have to go and read the background on this amazing space right here. What a lucky lady! :)

While I'm on the topic of closets (storage)... how about the fabric closet at furbish?

One day I'll have one of those too!

LOVE these cards by Crafted by Lindy...

My two bests out in Ottawa usually get a different card than what I send out to everyone else. Maybe ordering a set of these could come in handy! They are so cheery and fun!

I wish we were celebrating Thanksgiving again this month, just so that I could run out and buy this gorgeous West Elm plate that Caitlin shared on her blog on Monday. Isn't it beautiful?

Those leaf plates aren't so bad either! Would take those as well! :)

Kirsten had the best little post about her top 10 things to do when visiting NYC! It looks like her and her friends had an incredible girls trip, and her pictures are fantastic! I'm ready to go back again!

Image via Kirsten (obviously)!

Anne-Marie shared her inky living room on her blog this past week...

Loving the contrasts of the dark walls and light furniture. She's done a lovely job with the whole thing. Check out more on her blog!

How precious is this nursery that was featured on Bliss?

I love the softness of it all. The light colours, the fluttering butterflies over the crib, and what looks to be the palest of pink curtains on the windows. Who knew that one could love a nursery so much (especially when there is not even an idea of having a baby any time in our near future... a wedding would be nice first haha).

I think we can all related to this...

From the blog of Lotta Agaton.

Oh what a week! With work, our on-going entry construction / renovation, a school project and a midterm, it sure kept me busy! Some big plans this weekend, including catching up with friends, getting down to business on our entry again (I'll finally get my hands dirty... I hope), a (late) birthday dinner for my brother and some other fun stuff. I'll share more details next week... which will include a LOT of fun things around here!

What do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. i absolutely love Meagans' closet!! I also love the 'holly jolly' cards... need to check out that inky living room now -- i love the pairing of blue and tan...

  2. Megan's closet is any girls dream. Hopefully someday when/if I design my own home like she did, I'll carve out a chunk of space like this for my own closet! And that nursery is so sweet. Love the soft colors

  3. Aww.. thanks Kerry - glad to be in such good company :) Have a great weekend!

  4. I would love a closet like that. We are currently using an Ikea wardrobe. It holds a lot, but never enough. Just found your blog today.

  5. ahh that closet is amazing!! i love everything you posted~ hope you have a wonderful weekend~

  6. I love those closets!! To DIE for!!

  7. hey, just found you thru hodge podge...!love your blog and design style...that soft nursery is incredible!
    fellow canadian blogger here! following you now! xoxo

  8. Oooh la la! So many lovely things in this post! Thanks for sharing!


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