Thursday, November 11, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect - Shannon's Living Room

Today my friend Shannon, is here from What's Up Whimsy to share her Perfectly Imperfect living room. I've been reading Shannon's blog for quite a while now, and she always has great posts (my favorite is her "A House is not a Home Without Craigslist" posts... this girl has a great eye!). We were also lucky enough to finally meet face to face last month at the taping of Steven & Chris, and I look forward to getting to hang out with her again. Enough of my rambling - let's get to Shannon's room!

Here is my living room in all it's "kids toys" glory!

This is the room that the three of us spend the most time in, which means all of Keaton's toys hang out here. Decor-wise, I would love to get all new furniture, paint the walls, remove the gross gray carpet, install hardwood flooring and have a separate room for all of the toys, but that's not in the cards right now...and I am okay with that.

 It is "Perfectly Imperfect" to me because, when I look around the room, it looks lived in and every little thing reminds me of my family (not to mention that whenever I try to take a picture, Keaton has to jump right in and be front and centre!). There's the milk-stained couch, the dirty fingerprinted art, the multiple sit-in toy cars scattered everywhere and the buckets of little toys that I just can't bring myself to get rid of, even if Keaton only plays with most of them once every two weeks.

This living room is "us" every little way - perfectly imperfect."

A big thanks to Shannon for taking the time to share this room (and her little cutie Keaton) with us! Doesn't she have the greatest art work? I'm a particularly huge fan of the Ork Toronto poster hanging over the sofa! Thanks again Shannon!

Next week I have the fabulous Liz from Wallpaper sharing her Perfectly Imperfect Kitchen - so make sure you come back!


  1. Ah, the toy struggle. I'm know someday I will be in the same boat. Hey, it's a living room and is meant to be lived in!

  2. i love it--it is a real space, and toys are definitely part of daily life with kiddos:)

  3. Thanks so much Kerry for letting me participate in this series. And for saying such sweet words. I just linked to it from my blog. xo

  4. i love the ork poster! this series is great!

  5. Such a sweet post and reassuring too ! Great toronto poster!

    Rachie xo

  6. Shannon, your little boy is so cute and you can tell HE loves this room! Thanks for the peak into your living room, it's lovely. You've got some great artwork!

    I love this series, Kerry! I'm hoping to take some pictures for you this weekend.

  7. Keaton is so adorable and what's better than a lived in room filled with a happy family?

  8. It's great Shannon! Just what it's supposed to be-- a FAMILY room (: He sure is a cutie!

  9. What a great idea for a series, Kerry! Very cool idea :) And I love Shannon's imperfectly perfect room. It's what a REAL house looks like.


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