Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Welcome Sight

AND... we're back with more on the reno. If you're new around here, or just missed my previous posts on renovating our front entrance you can find the older posts here, here, here, here and here.

I'll need you to bear with me on this one. A lot has been going on around here the last little while, so my documentation of our most recent progress may not be my best work. I'm sure the photos will speak more than my words will.

In my last post, B had been working away last Monday on building the frame for our new deck. Unfortunately, the frame stood untouched for quite a few days after that, as the weather was just not ideal for deck building (that's what we get for renovating in November  I guess). Tuesday and Wednesday, B worked on putting in the remainder of the insulation and the vapour barrier... which brought us to this...

Thursday night, he got our closet all framed in, and let me tell you, that was an incredibly exciting moment. I never knew I could be so excited to have a proper front closet, but I am and I cannot wait to lose the old coatrack!

Friday there was a plan for B and I to tackle some drywall, but after a long week, neither of us could really face it. Saturday was a whole other story. My parents once again came over, and while my Mom and I hung out inside, B and my Dad got to work on all kinds of fun stuff outside. The biggest was the deck! The boards were cut to size and measured... though not attached yet as we still had to buy the proper brackets.

B wasted no time putting our beautiful new railing together either... it seriously improved the whole look of the house!

While B was slaving away on the railing, my Dad was busy getting the soffit and fascia up...

They worked hard and called it a night around six, when B and I treated everyone to dinner. The next day, after running a few errands, B was back outside installing our porch lights (yes, they will have to come back down once our siding gets here, but we need some light) and finishing up the front steps. Seriously... look at how far the whole thing has come in the past three weeks....

A lot of neighbours have stopped B to let him know how incredible the house looks... and really, it does - even without the siding on! So I'll leave this here for now... and hopefully we'll start to make some progress indoors soon!
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  1. Incredible progress!! I can't wait to see the next update!

  2. I'm really starting to see it come together Kerry! And I love the railing!

  3. wow! it's really coming together --

  4. it is really coming together girly! that is so exciting!

  5. Great job!!

    Can't wait to see the finished product. The hard work is paying off, huh Brett?

  6. @amberherself

    Yeah it certainly is a lot of hard work and I get excited everytime I come home to check it out. We finished the trim work on the soffit/fascia this weekend and hope to have the siding up next weekend(if it ever gets delivered from New Brunswick) This week its all drywall/mud/tape/sand/paint work and hopefully we can use it regularly again.


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