Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dream Home - Steppin' It Up

This Tuesday, I'm back in Italy for Shannon who was asking to see a beautiful Italian villa. (If you missed the first Italian Dream Home, you can find it here).  

Well Shannon, I have a treat for you today! I stumbled across this property during my first Italy search, but it just didn't fit the bill for what Christine was looking for. Since you asked for a villa, a villa you will have, and this one is all about location, location, location (right from my favorite site, again, Sotheby's Realty).

This property's price is available on request, but I can imagine it's worth quite a pretty penny since it's the only property that has a private garden with access to the Spanish Steps. Yes my friends, today we're in the beautiful city of Rome...

That's the home tucked in between the really tall building, and all of the beautiful flowers. So yes, it's actually just off in the distance of that first photo. Let's take a closer look...

Yeah, gorgeous exterior, no? And imagine having this garden that would lead you out onto the Spanish Steps... and all of the glorious shopping that comes with that location! *Swoon!*

Okay, so clearly the exterior of this house and the location have won me over, and yes, there are interior photos that I have to share as well. The one problem I had though, is that the villa is empty, so it's hard to determine exactly what each room is... but we can always use our imaginations, can't we?

The staircases in this home are incredibly gorgeous...

Love those red runners, and don't those stone floors just blow you away? I'm a particularly huge fan of the gray floor on the left. So lovely!

Every room in this house is filled with incredible stone EVERYWHERE... just look at this...

I'm not a HUGE fan of the green on the pillars and around the doorways, but I bet you could make it work with the right decor.

I'm a much bigger fan of these two rooms with the gold inlays on the floor. I imagine these being a living room / dining room combo. Living room being the one with the windows and the fireplace, and a gorgeous elegant dining area in the back room.

This room is my favorite and the one that I would make my office! Love the wood flooring and the built in bookcases. Also the details on the wall and the ceiling are to die for. I'm imagining a beautiful credenza with a giant mirror over top in that nook along the wall, and my big glamours desk facing the not visible windows, so that my back would face those bookcases. Can't you see it now?

Unfortunately there were no kitchen or bathroom photos, but I imagine they are incredible. If I was living in Rome, I doubt I would eat in very often anyway! If you want more details, the whole listing is right here.

Are you ready to move to Rome, or are you looking for a dream property else where? Leave me a comment, or shoot me an email, and I will be sure to hunt it out for you! I have another request in the wings from Shannon, but the next two weeks I have some special homes I want to share with you, so be sure to come back and check those out!


  1. Yeah!! It's my own Italian villa! It is so crazy though! I wish it had furniture in it so it didn't look so cold with all that stone!! And access to the Spanish Steps??? Unreal! Thanks for indulging me in my own little Italian fantasy! xo

  2. oh how i would love to visit italy! these picts are amazing!

  3. Wow, this villa is gorgeous. Love the vistas and the abundance of stone. I agree with Shannon - the interior could do with a little more soft furnishings so it's not so "cold", but that seems to be the Italian way from what I saw on my trip to Italy this past August...stone, stone, stone!

  4. @Shannon & Tania - agreed! I wish it had furniture in it to warm it up and define the spaces a little better for us... but it's gorgeous. And Tania... I agree, they are all about the stone - my hotel room in Rome when I visited felt very cold for that exact reason.

  5. Love it! Shannon, want to be roommates!?? This can be the "during the week" home and the other Italian one Kerry did the "weekend" home! haha. And talk about location, I know exactly where that is... great shopping around there too!

  6. Questa casa e molto bella!!!

    Have you gone to Ireland yet? Find me a luxurious Irish cottage I could buy please and thank you!


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