Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Start Spreading the Word!

Friends, you may remember that the other day I posted about what B and I are doing this Christmas to make a difference. Well, my fellow Canadian blogger (and super talented interior designer) Staci Edwards is also trying to make a difference this holiday season, and wants ALL of us to be a part of it!

Staci has set the goal of raising $3,600 by December 25th to fill 3 stables full of animals, for communities in poverty! The whole process is done through World Vision. You can check out Staci's post on this initiative over on her blog.

I think it's a great cause to support, and would be a great thing for all of us bloggers to get involved in together. So why not spread the love a little further this year? Let's help Staci fill 3 stables this Christmas!

1 comment

  1. Kerry, you are such a doll! Thank you so very much for using that big heart of yours to help spread the word about my charity efforts!!!


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