Friday, November 19, 2010

Fancy Friday Love

TGIF Everyone! How about a little Fancy for your Friday, huh?

Do you have Christmas on the brain like me? Are you starting your Christmas shopping? Well, if so, Brittany came up with, and shared, a really cute Holiday Shopping list that you can print and use!


Jessica made some really great faux mercury glass candle holders...

Go check out her "how-to" right here! A really great idea to tackle for this holiday season. I'm considering trying it out... but I don't know if time is on my side!

This Norway Spruce Wreath from terrain is absolute holiday perfection in my eyes.

There's nothing like using natural elements to decorate, and I'm on the search for the perfect wreath for our brand new front door. I think I'll be keeping my eyes out at all of our local nurseries the next little while.

Barbara did a little post the other day on typography maps, and while I was already familiar with the wonderful world of Ork, I was not so familiar with these great pieces by axis maps. I was a big fan of the Boston map (not surprising)...

Yup, it's all made up of WORDS! Chicago is also available... and maybe if we're lucky, they'll start making some more cities!

Maggie shared these gorgeous quilts that her neighbour makes! They are so beautiful, and the best part is that she will be at the One of a Kind Show that kicks off next Thursday (November 25th!).

Go check out her website... and then be sure to drop by her booth at the One of a Kind Show (booth Y-47).

I would love for our master bedroom to look something like this when we eventually get around to that project (our front entrance has clearly taken the front seat when it comes to projects at home right now).

I love how the map over the bed was hung low to look like a headboard! So beautiful! Check out the whole tour over at The Painted Hive.

What do we have up our sleeves this weekend? More work to try and complete our front entrance (We're SO CLOSE!), and I'm all about pulling out the Christmas decorations this weekend (anyone else on board?). Saturday night we were supposed to attend a dinner party... and then last weekend we found out those plans fell through *cue sad music*... which means I didn't get enough notice to RSVP to the Canadian Blogger Meet up. I'll miss being there and seeing you all, but look forward to hearing about it on Monday! I also plan on sitting back on Sunday to watch the Toronto Santa Clause Parade on TV... probably with a giant mug of hot chocolate! As children we attended EVERY year, and I still get giddy thinking about it!

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. I love the picture as a headboard! what an easy idea. i currently have my bed stuffed into my teensy room so my closet doors are directly behind my bed, but when i move, i'm doing this picture thing for sure. and I LOVE the holiday shopping list. i'm a listaholic. i create lists for everything. then i put stickie notes on my lists for the really important stuff and i colour code everything. i'd make a really great personal assistant because i'm so into organization...just don't look at my desk!

  2. how fun! love the headboard and those amazing quilts! I am so excited for the holidays! so much fun! I hope you have a wonderful weekend girly!

  3. love the Wreath -- looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night!

  4. I love it. I attempted to make a mercury glass vase myself. It's easy and came out cute. Have a great weekend.

  5. Okay I definitely need one of those pads. I had thought about shopping this weekend but so far that hasn't happened!

  6. Thanks for the mention Kerry! Sniff.. I am not going to the blogger meet either! Too far for us in Vancouver :(

  7. I LOVE the Christmas list! What a great idea. I'm really trying to be as organized as possible this year, so I will definitely print those out!


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