Monday, November 1, 2010

What November Means to Me...

November 1st. That means that Thanksgiving (of the Canadian variety) and Halloween are behind us... so the next best thing is Christmas! Friends, I am a HUGE Christmas fan! Back in my University days, my room mate and I had a rule that no Christmas music was allowed until November 1st. That being said, you would usually find us returning home from Halloween parties in the wee hours of the morning, turning on those Christmas tunes and dancing around still dressed in our costumes. I'm not a "crazy Christmas lady"... I swear, I just love it... a lot!

Last year, Christmas decorating came late, as B is American and believes in no decorating until after American Thanksgiving. I'll take it, since I do get him and usually a second Thanksgiving. Sadly, this year will be the first since we started dating that we will not be at his parents place in Massachusetts for this great holiday. The upside to this however, is that I will get to start decorating for Christmas earlier this year (a week prior to Thanksgiving)! JOY! Of course, that means that I've definitely started scouting some great Christmas decorating ideas...

Love this simple and understated Christmas card display from Better Homes & Gardens. I'm already picturing using some great ribbon to hang our own Card display from the beautiful brand new closet doors that we'll be installing in our new entry! 

Love these sweet candy cones, made from waffles from Country Living. They'd be great when entertaining for the holidays - hanging on a cute little tree like this for guests to snack on. I think I may try to make some paper cones for this purpose, using this tutorial from Martha.

In our living room, we keep to a pretty blue, white and silver theme for our decorations. I've been looking for some great inspiration for our mantel and here's one that I love...

This pretty little mantel from Country Living is so perfect in it's simplicity. I love the idea of bringing in some fresh boughs to bring the outside in and make it really smell like Christmas(especially after we decided to go the faux tree route last year). We also already have the silver decorations, and a lovely little candle holder that I cannot wait to pull out. Plus, the idea of using something as simple as some paper streamers is lovely (and cost effective!).

I made some jingle bell door knob wreaths (like the one above from Martha Stewart) last Christmas for us and my parents. They were really easy and oh-so inexpensive to make. I never did share a how-to last year, so I guess this is the year! I cannot wait to pull them out and adorn our door knobs. It's so great open the door and hear them jingle away festively!


Though B and I have already decided to forego a traditional gift exchange with one another this year, there will be gifts for others that we will have to wrap. I always love the simplicity of using brown kraft paper to wrap gifts, and then bring in colour with seasonal decorations and pretty gift tags and ribbon!

Alright, so I know it's only November 1st... I won't overload you with Christmas goodness quite yet! At least you all know where I am at mentally... sitting around our Christmas tree drinking hot chocolate with a roaring fire in our fireplace. I think our home was built with the perfect Christmas in mind!

Are you like me... mentally preparing for all of the Christmas decorating goodness, or do you wait a little longer to get excited about the most wonderful day of the year?


  1. I haven't really started thinking about Christmas until now...besides the fact that I will be on a cruise this Christmas! Woohoo!!

    I love the look of the kraft paper and a paper doily...I think I may steal that idea!

  2. I am definitely debating Christmas decor already as well! Love the decoration hanging on the doorknob!

  3. I'm already excited for Christmas...I love it! Fab post, Kerry!

  4. I love all the ideas, that blue, white and silver mantle is gorgeous! I try not to think about Christmas too soon, but it's hard not too especially with all the eye candy and inspiration ideas around the blog world! plus it actually snowed yesterday so I guess we're closer then we think :)

  5. You know what I love about social media? It has shown me that there are more people like me out there who LOVE Christmas and start it on November 1st. My Mom actually started Christmas when we got home from trick or treating and I will carry that on forever. What should I watch tonight?! I'm just so excited now. Keep the Christmas decorations coming please!!

  6. It's never too early for Christmas! Halloween is over so bring it on! Can you tell I'm a "christmas person" too? ;)

  7. yay for christmas decor! i love that mantle, and also that pretty package! so fun~

  8. i am not giving up my halloween just yet...i think i'll take down the decorating i did (which was very minimal) this weekend. but then it's to put more fall stuff. i don't decorate for winter holidays until after thanksgiving, even when chanukah starts early. i just leave it up the for all of december with the xmas stuff.

    The boyfriend celebrates xmas, and i celebrate chanukah, so we are a dual religious household. i wish i could get him on board with your silver, white, and blue--i tried that last year, really i did-but he thought it was my way of having more chanukah-ized xmas decor. and it was. he knows me so well, lol!

  9. I will be celebrating my American Thanksgiving from afar, taking a half day after a morning training class. I will be going home to cook up a small turkey dinner for Kerry and I while I watch my New England Patriots play and enjoy a brewski or two, still not the same but it'll do.

  10. Considering that it was snowing yesterday, ya, Christmas is on the brain. Love it....!!


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