Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Coming!

Next Thursday November 25th marks the kick off of one of my favorite things about this time of year here in Toronto... The One of a Kind Show!

I seriously LOVE going every year, even when B complains it's "all the same stuff", I know I'll always find something new to love... or even just go back to an old favorite. Here's a couple high lights from the past two years...

2008 - please disregard my stupid expression and focus on the two fabulous men on either side of me! I managed to drag B to this one, and we arrived just in time to see Colin and Justin speak. JOY! Afterwards I lined up, bought a copy of their book, Home Heist, and they were oh so sweet when they signed it, even commenting on how cute B was (hehe). (Side Story: Flash forward to August 2009, saw the boys speak again at the Ex, and went with my Mom to meet them. I mentioned we had met the previous winter and showed them the above picture which was still in my camera. They later noticed B standing about 10 feet away and RECOGNIZED the cute boy! haha, it so made my day!)

2009 - We bought THIS!:


Uh huh, this one cost us a pretty penny and was so worth it! Known as Boites de le Paix (Boxes of Peace), the artists used old US Army ammunitions boxes and repurposed them into all kinds of wonderful pieces. B and I had spotted them at the show in 2008 and were interested, but at the time resided at my parents house, and didn't really have the money for one. We put our names on a list to be contacted the next year. Sure enough, early last November I got the email, in which she explained due to the limited quantity of boxes that exist, this would be their last time at the show. We decided to ask her to hold us a brown wine rack, that we would pick up that day. She told us she would hold it, and asked for our address so that she could send us free passes to the show... DOUBLE SCORE! I think that this is my favorite large purchase we've ever made. It sits in our living room just to the right of our fireplace and everyone comments on it.

This year, the One of a Kind Christmas Show is giving me a whole new experience to look forward to! Last week I got a little invite in my inbox asking me to attend the "One of a Kind Show Media Preview Breakfast". In the words of B "Nice, so you are considered 'Media' personnel now, IMPRESSIVE haha". I like the little "haha" he threw in at the end.

So - what do I have to look forward to, aside from hanging out with some really great bloggers? Those of us attending will be noming on a local sourced breakfast that is going to be prepared by students of George Brown College Chef School. The menu will also be complemented by an assortment of new creations from One of Kind's Flavour's Artisans. I'm seriously looking forward to this as I ALWAYS love the food section! There's a booth of baked goods where you can buy the most delicious white chocolate lemon cookies. I'm so dedicated to these cookies that I actually SOLD them to someone else at the Spring show. No lie! I'll be sure to hunt them down again so I can share the booth.

I'm seriously looking forward to the breakfast and the show, and sharing with you guys all of the great things that will be on offer at the show this winter!

Do you go to the One of a Kind Show every season? What's your favorite part about attending?


  1. That's a really funny pic! We're going this year. I got some passes from my neighbour who is one of the vendors. I just did a post on her today!

  2. I love all the handmade jewellry and stationery, but now I'm drawn to all the kid's clothes as well. Didn't know you were going to the media breakfast too. I'll see you there!

  3. Can't wait! have been getting the artists profiles via email, looks like a great show :) That's when you know Christmas is just around the corner..

  4. how fun! i love going to shows like this and finding treasures! have a fab time girly~

  5. Oh my goodness Kerry, we are so alike. I get giddy just thinking about the One of a Kind Show. It's a twice yearly tradition that my family and I go (Aidan's not a big fan!). And I just think it is lovely! Every time I go, I think, I want to be a vendor and sell things! Ha ha. I don't know what though!

    And I LOVE the food section. We always leave it last so that we get a nice treat at the end of a long night. Oh man, I am so pumped!!

    And see you at the breakfast!

  6. You look too cute in that pic!! a great candid!!

  7. @Liz - I so wish I could say that photo was candid. But between my excitement and how much C&J were making me laugh, that was just the expression that came out! So ridiculous, but still one of my faves! They are so incredibly sweet & funny, just like they appear on TV! :)

  8. Aww, you're so cute, Kerry! You couldn't hide your excitement if you tried!! I love shows like that too - fun for Xmas shopping!

  9. I was never able to go to the show but always wanted to - have a great time, you media personnel, you!

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