Monday, February 15, 2016

Change is Hard

Life around here has been a little hectic as of late. For those of you who follow along on Instagram, you are well aware that our little family is in the midst of some pretty big life changes. 

Since having children, our priorities have shifted and we have a completely different view on life than we did five years ago. Though we still love making our house a home and building and creating things, our focus is more on time together with a family - especially while these kiddos are so young.

My obvious lack of posts around here points to the fact that I have been feeling less than inspired to write and share what's going on at home. However, I've been feeling inspired by these changes we are making in our life and hope to begin documenting them. These new views and big changes don't really fit into life a la "First Time Fancy" though, so I am working on creating a new home for them. In the coming weeks I plan on putting together a new blog, switching over my Instagram name and really just start to share more insight into where our lives our headed.

Is First Time Fancy gone forever? Hopefully not. So much of our lives are shared here, including our growth from two to four, which is such a big part of how we arrived at this new beginning. 

For now, I hope you can be patient while we bring life to our new online space! I'll make sure to share more soon.
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