Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a Little More...

So, maybe there would be more interesting visual progress on our front entrance sooner than I had suggested in Monday's post. On Monday evening, I arrived home from work to find B outside working away on the frame of our new deck. We need to get something up soon so that we can finally use our front door again! After spending hours out there with his clamps, drill and level, B had constructed this...

According to him, this is how a construction site should look... littered with all kinds of junk. Hmmm. Whatever - we still continue to receive only compliments from neighbours on the progress and look of the house. One even stopped by on Saturday while B and my Dad were working away to let them know how great it was looking and also to offer B some left over insulation he had from a past reno he had done. The offer came in handy, as B had slightly under estimated just how much insulation he would need.

It may be the smallest deck ever, but we require it mainly to get in and out of our house. We are also considering looking for a small bistro set we can put here next summer so we can actually enjoy our front porch.

Once B was done outside that night, he headed indoors and got to work putting up the insulation that our neighbour had so kindly offered up. The best part of this, was that when we was done there was enough in there that we could FINALLY remove the plywood that was nailed over the doorway into our home. We're still about one package of insulation away from being completed, but that means we're just about ready for vapour barrier and drywall!

I managed to snap some photos yesterday morning of what the interior was looking like, but I had no time to upload. B also got some more insulation in last night... so, with some other posts planned for the remainder of the week, I'm hoping to have some bigger updates to share early next week!


  1. I can totally visualize it - I love the extension of the porch. A little bistro table would be perfect, you must be getting excited!! Almost there!

  2. What nice neighbors you have! It's looking great (: I agree with Christine, the bistro set would be great!

  3. great front porch, kerry! we need one as well! In fact, when you said about your neighbors stopping by and telling you what a good job your doing, I just has to tell you that our neighbors do the exact same thing! I am now going to cruise thru your blog to see what other before and after pics you might have...our house is such a work in progress as well!! One job after another and money money money!!! :)
    thanks for being my new loyal commenter!

  4. That is looking great! Amazing progress!

  5. You know, you never realize how much you use your front door until you can't use it! ha

    It will be great when it's done.


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