Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making it Easy

It's no secret that I love Craigslist. Lots of the stuff in our home came from that wonderful online place! But we also know how time consuming it can be clicking through post after post trying to find something that actually resembles what you are looking for. Well... someone's got that all figured out! The people over at Craigseasy have created this fantastic little bookmarklet that makes browsing craigslist a billion times easier. No lie!

Simply save their little bookmarklet to your favorites and next time you go to craigslist and perform a search, just click on that "Easy" button and bam, it sorts all postings with photos for you so you can actually SEE THEM! Genius I tell you.

I was using it recently to search for some options for filing cabinets for my craft room in the basement, when I stumbled across this...

It's a blueprint hanger, and how awesome would that be for hanging up all that fabric you have at home? I'd be all over this... if it wasn't listed for $1500, but now I'll be performing a whole new craigslist search. Something I never would've known to search for if it hadn't been for the wonderful tool Craigseasy.

Have you used Craigseasy before? Did you find it easy? I'm interested to hear how helpful it's been to others out there!

*Don't forget to come back this afternoon and check out this week's "Perfectly Imperfect" post! I have Michaela sharing a room today!


  1. I LOVE Craigseasy! I use it all the time! And it's honestly the easiest thing ever! Did you know that it also works with Kijiji and Ebay too??

  2. I had NO idea, but I am SO glad you told me! haha I will definitely try it out there as well! :) Thanks Shannon!

  3. This sounds like a great idea. I will definitely be trying it out!

  4.'s downloaded! Thanks for the tip, it works great!


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