Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

A ROOM!...

The Weekend Warrior thing just didn't fit anymore as the progress I'm going to share today all went down on Monday. Yup, my Dad and B were back at it and boy did they make some serious progress. (If you missed my past two posts on our latest reno you can find them here and here.)

So, Monday's work was a focus of getting the roof on, which started with getting the centre beam up. Of course, this takes far more math than my brain could ever comprehend, as they had to take into account the angle of the roof, etc. Maybe something B could get into another time (for those who may actually care how they figured out the roof...).

Of course, doesn't look like much right away... but once they got moving, our roof began to appear...

It may be hard to see, but my favorite part of this last photo is of Harley's little doggy face staring out the living room window on the right. You can just barely see his head peaking over the ledge. This is where he likes to sit and watch B work. He's always been our supervisor on projects!

By the time I arrived home from work, around 7pm, they informed me they hadn't even eaten lunch yet. It was also at this point that they discovered that the opening for the window we were putting in was 2 INCHES too small. Yeah! Talk about a headache. So I ran out to pick up some food, and after we all ate they two of them headed back outside, and worked well into the night to get our house looking like this...

You're probably wondering why our window is off center? Well, it's all for the sake of getting a proper front closet in there! HOORAY! Believe me, I'm already running through my head the options we have for making that front seem more balanced - any suggestions?

For now, this is where we have left off. We're still waiting for our brand new siding to arrive at Lowes, and B took a well deserved day off from working on this yesterday. He's hoping to get back to work tonight, and I'm hoping I'll have more progress to share by the end of the week! For now, I'm just happy that our home is starting to look more whole again... rather than just looking like a hole... (I'm sure my neighbours are happy about it too).



  1. Yay, progress! And yay for closet space!! It's looking fantastic. What about a great light fixture on the side of the window... though I guess that would require some electrical work.

  2. It's starting to come together! Yay for closet space!!!
    As far as finding balance you could add a shutter to the left side of the entrance window and one to the right side of your living room window. I don't know if that will do the trick but it might help.

  3. That's crazy progress! Looking good.

  4. it's coming along -- keep up the motivation and great work!

  5. I think once we get the deck on the other side of the house it will help balace the front entrance out and not make it appear so tall and awkward. It should also help the window seem not so out of center. I hope to get to starting the deck this week but first I need to concentrate on getting the front weather tight!

  6. I think you should use this extra space beside the window for your house number. That way the window placement will look quite intentional.

  7. @Katherine - I love the way you think! ;) That's actually been what I've been leaning towards. It's really the only place for it that will make it visible from the street.

    I was thinking we could get a really nice custom one done that has the house number & street name on it.

  8. Oh!! Loving it. This is so fun to watch the progress! I think either a shutter or house numbers or a welcome sign would be great there to balance it!

  9. Wow those guys work quick! Looks great and I agree with the house numbers to balance the front. Can't wait to see the new inside!!

  10. As previously suggested, nice house numbers and a light above them to shine down on them at night would be nice. Even though winter's coming on, I would think about adding greenery come spring time -- a taller shrub would help balance out the left side.


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