Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dream Home - Luck of the Irish

Around this time last year we headed off to Ireland for an incredible 5 day, 5 night vacation in Dublin! I loved visiting the city, and hope to one day go back to Ireland and see more of the beautiful country. For now, we are planning and saving for some other things that we've been discussing as of late. So, in honour of our trip one year ago (and also a request that came from my dear friend Amber last week), I thought I would share a beautiful home away in the Emerald Isle!

When I began my search for a dream home in Ireland, I was actually torn between two listings I stumbled across on LuxuryHomes.com. In the end... this one won (but you can see the other knock-out right here!)

So what do these 2 (yeah, there's 2 separate homes if you look at that first picture) homes list for? House 1 goes for 2M Euro and House 2 goes for 1.8M Euro.

Please, I would gladly take this gorgeous home solely for the fact that it backs directly onto the River Liffey. Look at this incredibly porch. Doesn't it look like a cozy place to curl up with your morning coffee? Or to watch the rain fall steadily onto the water on a grey day?

Now, what man doesn't dream of turntable parking? PUH-lease, even I would love this. No more backing out ever (not that I'm bad at it, but common, would you turn this down?)

Speaking of things men would love - how about this decked out "cinema room", as it's referred to in the listing. Looks like a great place to kick back and take in a movie if you ask me!

The living room is a little too sleek and mordern for my taste, but that would be easy enough to change. You could definitely add some interest with some lighting other than the pot lights, but the flooring is gorgeous and there appears to be a good amount of space to work with!

I adore this cozy bedroom with it's floor to ceiling windows. All of the light? Please!

I think the kitchen is my favorite room in this home. It's white, it's clean, it's large and it's so bright with those huge doors out to the back. I also spy a great oven. The kitchen has me sold. Okay... actually, let's take a boo at some of the listed features that this home boasts, and try to tell me that you're not sold...

- Remote controlled Teak Wicket Gates
- Hand-cut Granite Stone Exterior with Teak detail
- Hand-cut Grantie steps, surrounds and cills
- Teak Hardwood external doors & windows
- Teak Hardwood Concertina Doors leading to decked patio area
- Granite framed steps through garden leading to Pontoons on river
- Outdoor Hot Shower
- Underfloor heating throughout
- Intelligent lighting with touchpad controls
- State of the art AMX Smarthome Technology and security system
- Surround sound throughout
- Remote controlled floor to ceiling sunscreen and blackout blinds
- Solid Oak Interior Doors, Architraves and Skirting
- Solid Oak Staircases
- Chrome Heated Towel Racks
- Jacuzzi Bath with tiled plasma

Ah, if only I could head right back to Ireland this moment!

Any particular place you're dreaming of living? Certain type of house you have in mind. I have one more property that I want to share next week before I get back to reader requests, so be sure to leave some and we'll be back on them soon!


  1. oh wow! i would love to visit ireland some day:)

  2. my shamrock tattoo tells me i should visit ireland ;) i've finally taken pictures of my perfectly imperfect living area. gonna work on the post this week and then i'll send it your way :) i got a new camera so i'm very excited.

  3. GORGEOUS! I'm dreaming of sitting on that beautiful porch right now!

  4. Erin Go Bragh!

    What an amazing property. I sometimes wonder why I don't have the luck of the Irish...whoever lives here is seriously lucky.


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