Tuesday, November 2, 2010

100 Reads in 1001 Days: 1 - 10

I am a huge reader. Once I pick up a good book and start reading I just can't put it down. Often, the speed at which I read absolutely shocks B... and then scares him as I have a habit of going out and buying new books A LOT!

I find reading to be relaxing, and a way to escape to times and places I can otherwise not visit. It's also a way to learn and open your eyes to things that you may have otherwise been blind to in the past. So what am I getting to?

Back in March, I was inspired by Brittany to start my own 101 in 1001 list. Though I have not shared the list publicly with you, I will say that one thing on my list that I am working towards is reading 100 books I have never read before in those 1001 days. I thought that as I progress towards that 100, I would share with you in one way or another the books that am I reading... so, as I am currently in the process of reading book #15, I thought I would share a brief montage of the first 10 books I read.

I figured rather than writing a review on each individual book (which could make for a rather lengthy entry), I thought I would share what my top 3 were out of these 10 and why, along with any significant points on any of the books.

#1: My favorite read had to be "Still Alice". This book kept me turning pages, and even though it broke my heart, and scared me in a way only a book like this can, I absolutely loved it. The writing was incredibly and the story was touching. I would recommend this to anyone who has not yet picked up this book.

#2: The Kite Runner is an incredible book about love, family and friendship. I don't even think I could do this book justice with words. If you haven't read it (which I gather most have) I recommend picking it up!

#3: Secret Daughter had a great story line and I love how the story is told from two different perspectives. The juxtaposition of the lives of the two characters is what brings the whole thing to life. It really was a bittersweet story.

I loved each and every one of these books in their own way, and I'm so glad these were the first 10 that I picked up. Though I enjoyed the book "One Day", I had thought that I would love it more. It was frustrating (for the choices the characters make) but a great read! I also read recently (while compiling my little montage up there), that a movie will be made of this book... starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (who I've loved since "Across the Universe"). I'm actually looking forward to see how they do bringing this book to the big screen!

What have you been reading recently? Any recommendations? Have you read any of the books above? Would love to know what my fellow book worms think of them!

Keep an eye out for my next ten... with the way that I read, I'll be sharing them with you in no time!


  1. Just finished suite francaise - i picked up a handful of 'paris reads' for my trip and settled on this one...its a must read I think...

  2. I haven't read Still Alice and Secret Daughter so now, thanks to your brief reviews, they are on my "to read" list.

    I read One Day and was really disappointed in the ending. I know not all endings can't be happy, but give me a little happy for a little bit longer please!!

  3. I love reading! and it was on my 'things to do differently for 2010' and while i started the year great then... i started a blog. So my reading more books goal was replaced with reading blogs! :) :(

  4. Fellow bookworm here! I've been in a book club this past year so lately have only had time for those reads, but some of my recent faves have been:
    - Abundance (the Story of Marie Antoinette)
    - Angel's Game
    - and currently reading 'Cease to Blush' and 'The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake', both are really good so far.

    Ooo! and I recently came across this link from Canada Reads - check it out:

    I've read a few on your list, the 'Kite Runner' being my fave! I'll have to check out 'Still Alice' next - thanks for the tip! Yikes! I'm rambling, can you tell I like to read?

    p.s. I love Jim Sturgess too ;)

  5. Oh my Still Alice rocked my world and scared me so much, but it was an amazing read! I also read Push by Sapphire (the book that the movie Precious was based on) and it was incredibly raw and emotional. I also read Heavier than Heaven (a biography of Kurt Cobain) which was really insightful. Definitely learned a lot about the man I idolized in 1993!
    I have a similar list for books but also one for movies. I have not seen so many classics (The Wizard of Oz, Casino, any of the Godfather or Rocky series or Gone with the Wind.) I only saw the Sound of Music last year (and loved it!)
    Every time school winds down a bit I'm picking up a new read or renting something to cross off my list!

  6. why does still alice sound familiar? i need to look it up. i know i should read the steig larsson's, but i can't do it. i can't get into them, even tho i know them to be fantastic, and the movies were great, especially the first. the kite runner is one of my favorite books, and i am so glad you read it.

    what have i been reading lately? i just finished the particular sadness of lemon cake (which prompted my comfort foods post). sarah's key was very good if you haven't read that. i need to look up still alice now!

  7. Thanks for the recommendations! More books to add to my list of "to read"! Helpful!

    @Angele - I plan to read "Push"... I've been dying to. I just find every time I go into a book store choosing ONE book turns into the biggest ordeal ever. So overwhelming trying to choose just one!

  8. Another book worm here. I have been in a book club for quite a few years now and we are always looking for new books. Actually I am in need of one right now. I love the Kite Runner. Stayed up all night (with a kleenex box) reading it because I couldn't stop. Then I had to go to work the next day. Anyway my BC is reading Room by Emma Donoghue. I haven't got it yet. I think you should keep posting about what you are reading.

  9. oh yay! i love a great book, and have been wanting one for a while. I loved the secret life of bees. Another great read was -The Help:) i haven't heard of still alice--i will have to pick that one up!

  10. I just finished the Knitting Circle and I thought it was fantastic! First one that has really grabbed me in a while. Can't wait to check out some of the others you suggested!

  11. I just started One Day on Wednesday, I think I am on Chapter 5 or something - it's excellent, definitely make sure you get around to it. I can tell you that I am completely & totally the main character Em for at least what I've read so far.

    My #1 favourite book of all time is Shadow of the Wind (too good for words) and my #2 favourite is A Confederacy of Dunces (hilarious and Pulitzer prize winning)


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