Monday, November 15, 2010

Entry Renovation Progress

Sorry, I'm out of witty titles for this project... at least at this time. This past weekend B and my father were back at it. Of course, the majority of visible progress was completed between last Saturday and Monday (check out that progress here, here and here). So what exactly went down this time?

Saturday morning B was up bright and early and had to head to the big orange to pick up a few supplies so they could get to work roofing. Roofing meant that most of the day was spent with them like this...

Of course there was a point at which B was up sitting on the very peak finishing up - but by then it was pretty dark, so unfortunately pictures wouldn't have been too great. It was a good thing that they worked so hard on Saturday... as Sunday brought rain, so our brand new roof kept the inside nice and dry...

New roof as seen from our bedroom window

Having the inside dry on Sunday was key since B was working away on electrical and other things to prep the inside for insulation and drywall!

Look at that ceiling! Incredible! I wish I had more exciting photos to share here, but really - it was a lot of wires and banging. Important stuff... just not exciting. Exciting came when B started prepping the front of the house for the new deck...

B used that giant saw to cut away the old veneer from the brick so that he could bolt a ledger board to the house. You can see a small one to the left of the window, and the second one leaning up against the house on the right of the window. The ledger boards will support our new front deck, which will provide us entry into our home. Yup, the fun isn't about to end any time soon. I also got to help at this part, drilling the holes into our house so that the bolts could go in...

No big deal - I run giant drills on the weekend. Once those ledger boards were attached we had to call it a night and head to my parents for dinner. When we arrived home around 9pm last night, B went back at it, putting the spray foam around the door and window and started to put in insulation... but no pictures.

Progress isn't necessarily slow moving at this point, it's just a little less exciting visually as the first portion of our progress. So I'll let this project rest for a while until we have something a little more interesting to share.

What did everyone else get up to this past weekend? Anyone else running some big intimidating powertools?


  1. no giant power tools! did mangae to sneak in some new lighting and a dinner party :) You guys are brave! Looking forward to the next pics..

  2. Haha, love that pic of you with the big tool! I don't think I could lift that thing let alone use it!

    Happy Monday, Kerry!

  3. You guys are awesome! You and B must be exhausted. Love the pic of you!

  4. Great picture, Kerry! Looks like the entry room is coming along!

  5. Thanks everyone! :)

    @Christine... it looks a lot heavier than it was! Once you have all of your body weight leaning on it and driving it into the brick... it's not so bad! haha

    @Maggie - We are exhausted... but B is way more sore and exhausted than I am! I cannot lie - he has been the one putting everything that he has behind this whole project! I'm very lucky to have him!

  6. Definitely no power tools for me, but you look great with yours!!

  7. You must blow up that picture of you. MUST! Or put it on a calendar or something - priceless!


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