Thursday, November 18, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect - Liz's Kitchen

Another great blogger has joined me today to share a perfectly imperfect room in her home. Liz is a Toronto blogger who I have been reading for quite some time, and who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Steven and Chris taping last month. Liz is super sweet, and has a fantastic Etsy shop that I highly recommend checking out for your Holiday shopping... but make sure to come back here on Monday. Liz and I may have come up with something really fun for my readers! Take it away Liz!

Hi everyone I am Liz from Wallpaper blog. I was so inspired by Kerry’s "imperfect" post, encouraging us bloggers to post our imperfections and I received some great feedback from mine. So when Kerry first told me about her new series "perfectly imperfect" I was super excited to share some of the imperfect yet functional rooms in my house.

It was between my storage room down in my basement and my kitchen, but in the end my kitchen won out. While from a distance my kitchen looks pretty decent and super finished, upon close inspection it really isn't.

The main thing missing in the kitchen is a backsplash. I have been in this house for two years now and still haven’t found one that I like. Backsplashes can be expensive and I really want to make a great decision, and not just stick something there that doesn’t fit with the entire room. So for now the backsplash is a patched up painted mess! The worst part is washing dishes (you will notice I don’t have a dishwasher) because without a backsplash the water splashes everywhere, specifically directly behind the sink! I would love any suggestions for a backsplash that might go in my kitchen!

The next thing missing… the base of a drawer. There was a problem, some damage on one of the bases and it needed to be removed, problem is our kitchen person lost the piece and he is currently trying to recreate a new one for us, so for now there is an empty black hole where the base should be. I am sure I would also find a bunch of Jenny's dog treats under there too!

Another issue is peeling paint. The previous owner did a "quick fix" paint job and when we painted over her "great job" (you sense the sarcasm here!) We noticed right away that the paint started to chip and peel, and this was after having spent close to $300 on kitchen grade paint from Benjamin Moore!! But I have a solution for this; I plan to use my paint coupons that came in the gift bags from the Steven and Chris show to maybe buy some paint for the kitchen and do the job right, now that I know what I am dealing with. I will be changing the current room colour as well, I was thinking universal grey?

Lastly, I had to take these pictures when it was dark out so you could see what I was referring to when I mention the large black hole that is my window! It's not so bad in the daylight, but at night it just kinda looks like...well a giant black hole. So I need to source a great roman blind, something that will still let light in and also let me have a view while washing dishes.

Sure my kitchen has a few issues, no backsplash, missing bases, a hole for a window and peeling paint, but it is the most used room in my home and I still love it!

Thanks so much Liz for taking the time to put together such a great post and sharing all of the little imperfections of your kitchen. I must agree that from afar it does appear very polished, but when you're living somewhere those little imperfections tend to stare you in the face day in and day out.
Make sure to visit next Thursday, when Rebecca will be sharing her perfectly imperfect family room!


  1. I love it too Liz! The good thing is, I probably wouldn't have noticed any of that stuff if you hadn't mentioned it!

  2. Thanks again for letting me be apart of this great new series!!

  3. Great kitchen, I wouldn't have noticed any of that stuff either!

  4. it's those little things that only the person living there notices:) i think it is a great kitchen! and i love this series!

  5. It's funny how often my rooms are like that too - they look okay from a distance, but really there are issues (or is that life that is like that?). I enjoyed your post and am glad that you really do like your kitchen warts and all.


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