Thursday, June 14, 2012

Upon Arrival

While I've been plugging along inside and making some good progress in our rental, sadly, we've left the outside feeling rather neglected. It really isn't the most inviting looking home from the outside, especially when so many of the other homes in our neighbourhood look so manicured. 

I won't scare you off with photos of the exterior of this place, but why not take a look at some of the things that are inspiring me to make our little place more pretty and homey for the time being. 

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of sprucing up our front yard, is to add some pretty planters by the front door. They are the perfect way to add some colour, and when we are ready to move on from our rental, it can all come with us. It's a win-win situation. Something like these lattice planters, available at The Home Depot, would be perfect!


Or maybe something a little more simple that I could decorate as I please. I think that these Square Cedar Planters would be a great little project, and at only $31.61 each - they don't break the bank!


Aside from our planters, we have a small garden bed off to the right of our front door. It lies directly beneath our dining room window, and at the moment is empty... with the exception of some weeds. B and I have been discussing planting something in there to pretty it up a little and I'd like something that does well in the shade, and won't need a ton of attention from us. I'm leaning more towards a leafy plant that can add some colour, rather than flowers whose blooms can die off anyway. After flipping through a slideshow over on Better Homes and Gardens, the Coleus really jumped out at me...


I love the bright shade of green and red together! So bright and pretty, and no flowers required!

Then of course there is the obvious step - a seasonal wreath! Though I know that a floral wreath is pretty traditional for the summer months, I'm not much of a floral wreath type of lady. So when I spotted this lemon wreath on Pinterest... I was sold! After checking out this great how-to, I think this is a legit project that I would like to tackle soon...


I think this about does it... enough typing and time to start working! I'm feeling highly inspired to get things spruced up out front. Time to go out in search of supplies!

What are your best tips for prettying up the exterior of your rental? Have you been doing any of your own exterior projects recently? I must say... all of this talk about curb appeal, really has me missing our lovely little front porch back in Toronto...

Painted Door - July 2011

Yup... definitely feeling a little homesick for that tiny home every now and again....


  1. I've actually been sprucing up our front porch this week! I love your old house's exterior too - especially that awesome yellow door! Our house is shades of grey and white too and I've contemplated one for a while.

    Planters and wreaths are definitely the easiest way to spruce things up or a nice little welcome mat.

  2. OH your sweet home in TO looked fabulous...and your home here will too! You mentioned having fun weekend time with family...more important that slaving away on a garden...good for you! So the planter idea is great!....Just do it simple & remember if you plant coleus to also put some safers slug bate! Or how about hostas they come back every year and we have them in our planters and love them! I love a small hedging plant (boxwood or a small cedar) in a planter and a bit of ivy! Anything in a planter usually needs watering twice a day in the heat...but so pretty and confined! Well Kerry I know this was unsolicited advice...Everything you do looks great so I know this project will too! Can't wait to see it!

  3. Love the wreath. And those lattice planters would look great!

  4. Coleus actually has flowers too! Mine thrived on neglect and grew really tall, with large stalk flowers.
    If you trim back the flowers, they will grow more compact.

    Mouse ear hostas do well in containers and mine weathered the winter.

    Centsational Girl had some cool planter revamps for ideas, can't wait to see what you do!


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