Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Small Motivator

It's been painfully obvious that things are pretty slow going around here. With Halle on the verge of walking I've been soaking up every precious moment with her and we've been having a ton of fun. I'll be honest, I haven't even been the best housekeeper as of late. The last few days have got me feeling a tiny bit more motivated however, and the other night B and I got back to getting things up on the wall. Okay... but things I mean one thing, but at the end of the day it's better than nothing, right?

So what went up? Remember last month when I got to do a little treasure hunting around here? Well, that lovely round mirror finally found a home in our hallway. 


This one took a while to get up because at first I wasn't really too sure what I wanted to use to hang it. The mirror as a rope to hang it from, so we weren't going to be using any old picture hook. On Monday, Halle and I were out running some errands and I had popped into The Home Depot to pick up some spray paint for some small projects I am working on for her first birthday party, and I decided to look at their decorative hooks. I stood there for a while thinking over the pros and cons of each. I knew where in our hallway the mirror was going, and since it's a pretty high traffic area I didn't want anything that stuck too far off the wall. After quite a bit of time standing there I finally chose this hook for not only it's looks, but it's profile...


When I got home from Home Depot I doubled checked the spot on the wall wanted the mirror and I knew it would all be perfect. So when B got home we got started... and yes, I had to wait for him because it needed to be hung far too high for my short stature. 

The spot I picked for the mirror is the small wall that sit's between our laundry room and Halle's nursery...

{Yes, our walls are SCREAMING for us to hang things at this point}

I picked this spot because even though we do tend to get a lot of natural light in our home, the hallway can sometimes get a little dark. In this spot the mirror will actually reflect the light that comes in our bedroom windows into the hallway.

So, B did some measuring and making sure his marks were level, based on where I wanted the mirror to hang. Then, the anchors went into the wall and on went our pretty little hook.


B's confident on how well it's hung as he hit a stud when making the hole for our anchors. He inserted the anchor regardless since we want to be sure that, that mirror stays put. I'm sure it will.

I'm loving where it is hung, but now that it's there it seems to need something else. I'm thinking a small wooden table underneath. We mostly use the door from the garage into the laundry room when we go in and out, so a little table with a tray might be a good drop spot for keys and other small items. I just need to find the perfect tiny table...


What types of projects have you got up to recently? Any new things going up on your walls at home?


  1. It looks great! Small projects really do help to light that decorating spark, at least for me. Don't worry too much though, spending time with that lil cutie is definitely top priority!

  2. the mirror is just the right size for that tricky wall! Feels like it was meant to be there. Love the rope :)

  3. Great mirror! I feel like I have the perfect little table - I wish I could send it to you :)

  4. Love that mirror! Its just perfect for that spot.

  5. Always great finds,original mirror,looks realy good.

  6. I LOVE captain's mirrors! Looks great in that little spot.

  7. The mirror looks super nice in your hallway! Great job! I've just finished a minimal abstract painting and put it up on my master bedroom wall.

  8. Love this idea! All of my interior walls are being painted and this would be a great project once they are done!


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