Sunday, June 17, 2012

That Special Man

What an important day today is. A day to celebrate the men that mean the most to us - father's, grandfather's, husbands. I feel so lucky today to have not only my father, but B and his father in my life...

How can I not start by thanking this incredible man in the photo below? My Dad. This photo (that B snapped) just melts my heart - seeing my Daddy with my own baby girl. I can attest to how lucky she is to have him as a Grandpa... because I, of course, feel so lucky to have him as my Dad. 


In my life, my father has always been the rock of our family. No matter how rough times get, my father always pulled through to provide for us. I've seen him be an absolute pillar of strength through my Mother's illnesses, and losing his own mother - the lady who raised him, and two other children, on her own. He is definitely the man who has given me my work ethic, and taught me that when you do something... do it right the first time. 

At the same time, he definitely knows how to let loose and have a good time. He worked hard, to make life more fun and enjoyable for all of us and I have so many memories of laughing and having a great time with my Dad. He works hard... but plays hard too! Dad - you have been such a great Husband, Father and now Grandfather. Both Mike and I have been lucky to have you as a role model, and if I don't say it enough, I love you and appreciate everything you do for me. You are the most selfless man I know.

Then, of course there is this man that I need to honour today...


Since the day B and I met in September of 2007, I knew that I loved him... I just never imagined I could love him more as I saw him be our father to our baby girl. Though he's always been thoughtful and caring, I've seen more of this shine through everyday when I see him playing with and caring for Halle. The way she squeals for her Dada when he comes home from work, and hearing them giggle together when they play fills me with more love than I ever thought possible. 

He really is the rock of our tiny family, and he works so hard to make everything we have possible. I could never put into words how much I appreciate all of the sacrifices he has made for our life to be what it is today. He seriously loves what he does... but I can tell not as much as he loves his family... and I don't mean just me and Halle. B is so dedicated to everyone he calls family, and that was one of the things I loved most about him when he first met. The way he talked about his parents and his sister showed me that he was someone who had deep family values... and that he was someone I could trust with my heart. To this day he has not let me down. Thank you B... for everything you do every single day. You are a great father and a wonderful man, who I am so lucky to call mine. I only hope to be able to show you every day how much you mean to me.

Lastly, I of course need to thank this man...


B's father, who has contributed so much to the man he is today. I know he has taught B a lot about being a loving husband and father - I can see it every time we are all together. He is a fabulous husband, father and grandfather, and we are all so lucky to have him. 

Yup... I'm a lucky lady to have these three fabulous men in my life. So today, I wish them, and all Father's a very Happy Father's Day!


  1. Did you do any decorating for fathers day weekend??

  2. A very touching and heartfelt post! They are so lucky to have YOU!!!


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