Monday, June 25, 2012

11 Months of Halle

Another weekend of not much going on on the decorating front. B was away with some friends from his softball team on a white water rafting trip. Halle and I just kept it low key at home running some errands and hanging out with a new friend. However, this past Saturday, Halle turned 11 months old. Yup... baby girl is one month away from a year. So hard to believe how quickly time is flying by. She really is changing and growing so quickly...

Halle - 11 Months

What's she up to these days? Maybe, what isn't she up to is a better question...

- Tooth 3 and 4 are on their way... FINALLY. We'd been teased for a while seeing white spots and then they would disappear, or a day of lots of drool and chewing and then nothing. Well, yesterday I noticed a white spot for sure on her top gum and today it looks like that tooth is finally starting to break through. We may have four teeth soon!

- Last week she started blowing kisses and it's so sweet! She just kind of holds the heel of her hand to her chin and flaps her hand over her mouth. She's still working on her aim though... she sometimes get's a finger in the eye.

- After close to 11 months, she is finally clear of her cradle cap. Poor baby had it forever and one day last week after her bath it all decided it was time to go. I felt almost like it was the last of her "baby-ness" leaving her... but seriously - good riddance!

- PICKY EATER ALERT! Suddenly she wants nothing! Well almost nothing. Most of what we give her ends up on the floor so at meal time we are stuck trying numerous thing before we have a winner. For example, last night we went through pasta and pea's before she ate some chicken... and oranges. Seriously. This morning we went through pears and grapes before she settled on some toast (and even some of that ended up on the floor). I'm getting close to my breaking point... I need to be sure she's eating healthy food and getting the nutrients that she needs - any suggestions for picky eaters?

- Despite not being a very good eater she is VERY good at using baby sign language to tell us "More" and "All Done"... that always makes me happy (until she then throws what we produce on the floor)

- She's been a furniture cruiser for a while and it's been fun to watch her confidence grow with time. She got really good at moving around and even transitioning from one piece of furniture to another (or to us). Then, early last week she started doing this thing where she would hold onto furniture with one hand and stick out her foot and kind of tap it around the floor, as if testing out walking. On Thursday, I took her to a kid friendly cafe that has a big play area for kids. After seeing a couple other kids running around, she held onto my hand and was walking around the play area - I was floored! When we got home she kept practicing holding one of my hands with one of hers and the next thing I knew she was standing in the kitchen balancing herself and took two small shaky steps forward, all on her own... no assistance. Yup, there were some proud Mama tears shed and a few phone calls and text messages sent to let people know.

For good measure, I had to throw in this gem from our little photo shoot on Saturday...

Halle 11 - Months

These are the types of photo's I need to look at when I'm trying to feed her and she is looking me in the face and defiantly throwing food on the floor... and then crying for more which also ends up on the floor and she won't eat anything. (HELP!) Hope you all had a good weekend... and hopefully I'll have some more exciting stuff to share with you soon...


  1. That child is ridiculously cute! I love her little teeth poking out in the last shot!
    As far as the picky eater thing goes, maybe it's just about control. When you think about it, little ones don't really have much control over their lives. We tell them when to sleep, when to eat, etc. You could try offering her two foods on her tray, and just one bite of each. Maybe she will choose one?
    I think as long as you are offering her healthy foods, she'll get what she needs. Try not to stress about it too much. I think the less of a big deal you make about food at the table, the less issues you'll have. Audrey's a really picky eater and we just let her make choices, as long as she's choosing from each food group at mealtime. I decided long ago that it wasn't worth the battle at the table. And she's a very healthy girl!

  2. Love these updates Kerry! Sorry I can't offer any help with the picky eating, but I'm sending hopeful thoughts that she'll outgrow it soon your way :)

  3. I agree with Meg. She's developing her personality by trying to control things. I wouldn't worry about her getting enough nurtition. As long as she's active, she's got all she needs. Don't give up on offering healthy food choices and don't take it personally when she rejects some of it.

    My kid turns 3 tomorrow and I've definitely learned to let her figure out how much she wants to eat. But I control what her options are :) as in, you can choose carrots or cucumbers. But no cookies.

    I don't know what your routine is but we made sure to eat dinner together, and give her what we ate (or as close to it as possible). My daughter really enjoyed eating the same things as we were and especially the entire routine of having dinner together.

    Right now her thing is using fork and knife. Copying us. Sweet mess, but all for a good cause :)

    I've found this site very helpful: it's not about nutrition. Great advise on building healthy eating habits in toddlers and beyond.

  4. Thanks everyone! @Meg and Nataliya - I always give her a few healthy options, but things still get rejected and thrown on the floor. There is only so much I can offer her... and she won't eat most of it. I'm definitely not giving up - it just gets frustrating. We also do our best to feed her what we are eating, or as close to what we are eating as possible (since something's she can't eat yet without teeth).

    We are wondering if right now more is rejected than usual because of that tooth that is breaking through.

    I guess all we can do is keep trying... just gets hard...

  5. She is so adorable!!! My 10 mon old son also rejects food when a tooth is about to pop through. I just try to have him try at least a bite. I learned that idea from the book Bringing Up Bebe, which is great if you haven't read it!!!


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