Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giving It All Away...

I must say, our little Halle girl is pretty lucky. She'll be getting two big birthday parties this year. One with B's family and friends in Massacusetts in July, and one with my family in Toronto in August... and  we may even do something with her, here in BC with the few friends we have made... we'll see. While B's Mom took care of planning Halle's party there, I'm busy pulling things together for her party in Toronto. 

I am so excited about it and have even started working on a couple small projects here that I will be transporting back to Toronto with me soon. My first project is to transform these...



I picked all six of them up at our local Value Village to adorn the table at her Puppy Themed party. She goes nuts over these little dogs right now and exclaims "UP!" (and sometimes we could swear she's saying "PUP!") every time she see's them. Yup, she's crazy for puppies! 

I also purchased this fabric from a while back when they had an "Animal Print Sale" on - it was perfect timing. 


I also found some pretty cute "Thank You" note cards at HomeSense a couple of weeks back, that will be perfect for after the party. I cleared out all four boxes that they had. Now, just for the invites!

I opted not to do a Puppy Themed invite, since I had a discount card from Shutterfly. So I used one of the photos we had of Halle & created an invite on their site. I ordered the invites back on June 3rd and they shipped out on June 5th. They weren't here by yesterday morning and I had a bit of a freak out and after Halle's morning nap we drove over to Michael's and I purchased all of the supplies I would need to make some new invites...


But of course, when we got home and I walked up to the front door I discovered that the mailman had come late yesterday, and of course my package from Shutterfly was waiting in our mailbox. Why wouldn't that happen? I'm so happy they made it on time, because look how precious they are (if I do say so myself...)


I also decided that since I had gone shopping, I would at least make use of one of the item's I picked up. So to just give a little hint of the party theme on the invite, I put a little paw print on the bottom left hand corner of each of the invites that I mailed out, and I think it looks pretty cute...


So, there you have it. The first peek at what I have up my sleeve for Halle's party. I'm excited to really get into all of the fun projects, and start putting things together.

Are you planning any parties or celebrations for this summer? Anything that you are excited about hosting? What would you do if you were planning a Puppy themed party?


  1. That invite is so sweet - especially the picture of Halle :) And I love the paw print!

  2. The pink dog fabric is to die for. I love it! Our daughter is turning 1 on July 7 and I have a pink and lime green theme going on....just have to organize all of the ideas in my head so that they actually make sense in real life. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the fabric.

  3. Oh, so glad you got them in time - they are adorable!

  4. So sweet! That is going to be one great party!!

  5. There is nothing like that first birthday! Enjoy the freedom of being able to plan it without their input:)

  6. A puppy themed party sounds perfect! Again, she is ridiculously cute on her photo invite. I love them!


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