Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes It's the Little Things...

... that make me happy! (with the exception of exiting trips to NYC to visit an old friend, meet all kinds of fantastic bloggers and watch a taping of the Nate Show). Alright, so I originally intended to share another project with you today, but with so much going on this week I haven't had a chance to get that one last piece of the project done. You'll have to come back next week and I promise to share!

Anywho - so what's one of the little things that make me happy? How about getting those last two boxes I needed to finish storing my DVDs out of site on my bookcase...

Before... and yes, the bookcase needs some styling. We plan on eventually getting some built in's on either side of the fireplace in this room, so I'm not concerning myself with it at the moment.

Here we are after. Nothing exciting... probably not even worth sharing, but it honestly meant a lot to me to clear up that clutter of DVDs on the shelf!

What little things have made you smile recently? (Another little thing that made me smile was when Liz from WALLPAPER asked me to take part in her Beauty Bag feature! Head on over here to take a peek at my Beauty Bag... and Liz's awesome blog of course!) Happy Thursday!

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