Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

Is it over already? Is it actually Monday? *sighs* I guess I can't complain that much... I had a pretty great weekend! Friday evening I came home and discovered B had hit up Habitat for Humanity's Restore and picked up a window for us to use for the front entrance that we plan on building VERY soon! (exciting, I know!) We also had plans to go to the movie, but we changed our minds and ended up staying home to work on some projects on my to-do list. I cannot WAIT to share them with you this week. Just little ones, but fun!

Saturday B was up early and out the door to his work golf tournament. I took my time getting ready and then headed downtown to meet my brother's fiancee and the two of us headed to go and see The Way, an Emilio Estevez film at the Winter Garden Theatre. It was a great movie, and both Emilio and Martin Sheen (who stars in the movie) were there for a Q&A following the film.

Yeah, we sat pretty far back, but it was great for viewing the movie! I highly recommend it if it hits the theatres!

Afterwards I made a quick stop into HomeSense and did a bit of shopping. Some new pillows (to replace some eaten ones) and a few decor items for the fall! Successful trip indeed!

Sunday was a day full of food and football! We ate, cooked, ate, watched the Patriots in action against the Bengals and then ate some more with my parents in honour of their 35th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow! 

The delicious pear crisp I made for dessert... yum!

We also kind of celebrated someone's first birthday...

Yeah, that's a rawhide birthday card we found for him at Wal-Mart...

That's the run down. Don't want to bore you with details.... but I am looking forward to sharing some new projects with you this week... oh yes, and a giveaway is coming this afternoon! So be sure to come back!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! That card is for your doggie is just the cutest!

    And thank you for your comment yesterday on my table, I really appreciate it! Have a great week, Kerry!


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