Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Laundry Room / Office Space Update

It's been ages since I last did a proper post on our laundry room renovation. I swear, there has been a lot going on down there since good ol' January 11th. Seeing as most of my readers really started dropping by long after that last post, I'll do a quick recap to get you all up to speed.

Last December, B and I began the process of renovating the basement. What started out as a desire for a new space to house our brand spanking new washer and dryer pair, quickly turned into a complete gut job. We went from this...

To this, in just one night...

In a very short period of time, we completely destroyed the old "guest room" and bathroom, and then reframed walls, insulated, vapour barriered, drywalled, plumbed, wired, tiled and painted my new laundry room / office space. We got the new washer and dryer into the room and then all work seemed to grind to a complete halt. With the rest of the basement requiring desperate attention, the laundry room was soon repurposed into our construction supply storeroom.

Just recently, when I posted my very first home tour, I was slightly embarrased that these were the photos I was sharing of our renovated space...

Clutter much? But, such is real life I suppose when you renovate!

Today, I can happily say I have some new and mproved laundry room photos to share. Just recently, while I spent the weekend thrifting, followed quickly by my trip to NYC to be a part of the Nate Berkus blogger audience, B was kind enough to stay at home and work on my laundry room (as well as some other details in the basement that I will share in the future). Enough with my babbling and onto the new photos...

I'm so thrilled to finally have a proper countertop for folding our clean laundry, as well as a proper cabinet to help store all of our laundry and cleaning products. There's still trim to be added, and the tiles to be laid, but the progress still thrills me to no end!

The sink we found at IKEA for $69, and I think it's the perfect size for our small space. I'm okay with the shallow depth since it takes up practically no space from the storage area underneath, plus, it's better than having no laundry room sink, which was our previous situation.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I tell you I used to hate doing laundry down here....
Right now, the storage under the sink isn't anything exciting, but B and I are discussing ways to maximize it for optimal storage. As you can see, it's a rather large space and should easily accomodate all of our laundry and cleaning products, we just need to add a shelf or two.

The opposite side of this room will be repurposed into my own personal office / craft space.

B was also great enough to sort through and relocate our clutter to it's proper home (aka - the garage), and for the moment my old desk and a second hand filing cabinet are providing a small work space and storage solutions. I've already got my eyes on the desk I want, and B and I are talking about asking my Dad to build it, while also trying to come up with other storage solutions. I need to sit down and itemize all of the things I will need to store here so we can decide the best way to maximize the small space we have to work with.

I never thought a laundry room could bring me so much joy, and I know that those of you in charge of this chore will understand what it means to have a pretty space to clean up in.

More progress coming soon, but I need to know what's one thing in your laundry room that you absolutely love, or what's one thing you would have in your dream laundry space? Any tips or suggestions on maximizing our tiny storage space is gladly accepted.

Oh, and well I'm on the topic of laundry rooms that double as an office space - I had to share this incredible image I found yesterday on Colour Me Happy (via here)!

I love that it doesn't even LOOK like a laundry room! The bold colours and that incredible tiled floor! Also helps that everything laundry related seems to be pretty well hidden away (or at least out of the cameras view... there may be tons of laundry supplies piled up on the right there). I do love this room... I just don't think I could bold enough to do it in my own home. How about you?


  1. The room is looking great! I can't wait to see it all finished.

    Our laundry room is in a closet in our mudroom, which is nice in an 'out of sight out of mind' kind of way, but I'd love a beautifully finished room one day. I'm excited about your craft corner too!

  2. looking forward to seeing the 'reveal' !

  3. Wow, very nice transformation! To answer your question, there is one thing in our laundry room that we have and love, it wasn't really designed into the room, we just kind of had some extra unused space that could be used to house a second (albeit smaller) refrigerator in. Having a second fridge has really been a life improver.

  4. Your basement didn't look bad before, but wow it's so nice now! I love how bright and clean it is. I'll never have a laundry room like that.

  5. Impressive changed. Laundry rooms very clean and bright :)

  6. That's an amazing looking office space you have there! Compared to the first one you've shared, it's much more organized and clean. Oh, and that picture from Colour Me Happy? I love it! Actually, it's very inspiring. It makes me want to make a design for an office space in Dulles, VA. Well, minus the washing machines, that is. I remember one time when I worked for a company in an office space in Reston, VA. Our desks all had our personal touches to it. You'll know who's desk you'll see belongs to. Anyway, thanks for sharing these photos!


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