Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dream Home - New York State of Mind

In honour of me and B's three year anniversary yesterday, I wanted to share a home from the city we met and fell in love with. So we're heading to the Big Apple to check out some serious property eye candy! (Oh yeah, I'm also currently IN NYC checking out the taping of the new Nate Berkus show with a bunch of super talented bloggers!!)

I stumbled across this home on the Sotheby's Realty website, and instantly knew that this was the home to share. On the market for a staggering $59M USD, there's quite a lot of beauty to take in. So let's take it in... shall we?

Imagine coming home to this every night!? Loving those front doors... and the chandy... and the ceiling! Yup, all of it. Isn't it gorgeous? Moving along, it wouldn't hurt to walk through those doors to see this...

First off, those ceilings are just to die for. Second... I'm having some serious stair envy! Our dinky little staircase in Toronto can't even compete with that sweeping piece of beauty!

Continuing upstairs you happen upon some truly beautiful living and dining areas...

Loving all of the tufted pieces in the first room, and the ceiling (again)! If you look closely you can really see the gorgeous detail! The colour on the walls in the second room just absolutely won me over, along with the high gloss ceiling! I feel as if I were to move into this place I would have some serious neck problems after staring up at all of the gorgeous ceilings all of the time! Just lovely!

Now THAT is a kitchen. I don't know if I want the creepy doll pictures on the walls, but I will gladly take the giant island, the wine fridge and that gorgeous mosaic floor! It's absolute kitchen perfection! I know you're wondering... what's that green I spy through those windows. Well, let's take a look... shall we?

The home's "Winter Garden"... of course! I mean, when you're spending $59M... you better get a winter garden! Plus, who doesn't want palm trees in New York City? I think it would be the perfect spot to sit back with your morning coffee or tea at any time of year! Don't you?

Finally, just these perfectly beautiful and bold rooms within the home. The last one looks like a fantastic media / games room!

The whole thing looks like something straight out of a magazine, doesn't it? You can check out the listing on the Sotheby's site right here.

A little taste of what's to come next week? Another reader request... and we're heading to the city of lights. Oh la, la!

Any place you dream of living? Somewhere in particular you want me to hunt out a gorgeous home? Shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I'll hunt out your dream home.


  1. How is $59 million even possible??? What an unbelievable place! And happy belated anniversary!

  2. holy gorgeous! sounds like you had a blast in NYC! i love it there too~

  3. This place is truly breath-taking. From the beautiful flooring, to the ceilings, and unique staircase and garden....no wonder it's $59 million. Hope you had a good time in NYC. Would love to see a unique house with beach views in the pacific coast of U.S :)


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