Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Last year we hosted our very first Thanksgiving in our first home. It was myself and B, my parents and B's parents (who came up from Massachusetts). We had a great time, and seeing as Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday, I've been looking forward to doing it again ever since.

This year, we will expand the guest list. On top of hosting both sets of parents, B's Mom's best friend and her husband will be accompanying them on their trip up North. We also plan on inviting our good friends who were married back in August. It will be LARGE for our tiny home indeed! So, with less than a month to go until the big day here in Canada, I'm trying to decide how to deck out our table for the big event...

image from here via there
What do I love about this perfectly dressed table? Let me see, where do I begin?

- That copper pitcher with the autumnal blooms is the perfect way to add some florals to your Thanksgiving table. I think it looks gorgeous, and of course the pitcher can be easily and quickly removed to be replaced with those Thanksgiving fixin's!

- Love the idea of spelling out something using the candles, and that the letters are mimic'd in the napkin rings! Perfect little DIY project... but don't know if I would go for something as long as "Giving Thanks" on my table... especially when we are trying to seat and feed 10.

- The paper leaves stewn across the table are the perfect way to add some not so fussy fall fun to your table. They don't have to be removed to put down platters, drinks and plates, and once you are done with them they can be recycled or safely stored away for future years! Also, bonus that it would be a super easy DIY project!

LOVE IT! Now what else can we find?

How about this simply elegant table from Country Living?
Once again, I'm loving the copper holding the flowers in the middle of the table! Hmmm... should I be heading out and starting my search for the perfect copper centrepiece?

The best part is how simple and uncluttered this table is. Though I love the look of my first table, it doesn't seem very practical for a large gathering, especially when you want every seated for the carving of the turkey! I do think that some elegant tapers in gorgeous holders are a much better option than the pillar candles in the first.

Speaking of tapers in great holders....

from the always fabulous Martha
Um - Loving the pumpkins turned into taper holders! Reminds me of my own little candle holders B and I put together for last years dinner...

My initial search has definitely left me with some great ideas! I know I want some flowers, preferable in a copper pitcher and candles. I'm also seriously in love with the idea of those paper leaves to scatter across our table! They'll definitely add some autumn colour to our table, without taking up precious space! I'll keep brainstorming, and I'll be sure to share the final look next month.

Have you thought about your perfect Thanksgiving table, or are you straight to the point and fuss more over the food than the fancy?


  1. I haven't even started thinking about Thanksgiving yet! But we aren't going to be hosting, so that's a weight off my shoulders.

    The tables look great though. I love the way you made the candles in the gourds last year! Very cool!

  2. Good for you for hosting thanksgiving at your home, I know it will turn out wonderful! Keep us all posted about the decor and ideas :)

  3. Thanks to both of you!

    @Shannon - I know, I'm a planner. I can't help it. I feel like I'm ALWAYS thinking way ahead. But hosting such a big dinner I need! Especially since I want to do as little as possible on the day so that I can enjoy our company!

    @Liz - I will definitely keep everyone posted on how it turns out!


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