Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Treasures...

This past weekend, there was quite a bit of relaxing for me... outside of the city! Friday after work I met up with an old friend and the two of us headed up to her cottage for a weekend of hanging out, relaxing and catching up. We had a fantastic time! One of my favorite parts was our vintage/thrift shopping on Saturday!

My girlfriend knew of a really great place she had visited before and wanted me to check it out. I was more than happy to tag along and was thrilled to show up and see this....

There were so many goodies, and on top of this store, there were two more nearby! Both of us left with quite a few treasures each, and I just wanted to share what beautiful little pieces we fell in love with. Let's start with my finds...

Some little owl coasters I picked up. Marked $1.00 a piece, but I may have got them cheaper as we managed to talk the people down on our entire collection of items that we picked up.

Fell in love with this little red lantern the minute I saw it.  I had seen a similar one on Etsy for $24. This one, I picked up for $4! I was so happy with this find, and it still makes me smile when I look at it.
Loved this old wallpaper they had. The colours are great and it looks almost like it was hand painted (sure it's not). Best part, only $2 for an entire unopened roll!
A little pocket change tray that I picked up for B for $1.00! Love it!
Just loved the blue colour of this bottle, it had to come home. Especially for only $2!

This is my adorable apple paper weight! Isn't it fantastic? I just knew I couldn't leave it behind!
That's it for my treasures, but of course, my friend didn't come home empty handed either...

She fell in love with these two decanters, and I can see why. Aren't they beautiful!?

She also adored these scales and made sure they came with her as well.
Sadly, not all of the lovely things that I found made their way home with me...

There were two of these beautiful lamps... for $30! What a steal! Unfortunately, I couldn't justify bringing them home knowing I didn't really have anywhere to use them right now. Boo!
How about this incredible vintage suitcase? I could totally see it being turned into a great side table... and only $10. It honestly killed me to walk away, but I knew I had to.
So those are my weekend finds, and there was so much more I would've loved to bring back with me. My girlfriend and I are already talking about and planning a new trip back up to the area near her cottage for some more shopping in the future.

What great finds have you come across recently!?


  1. Can you please tell me where this place is??????

  2. Love that blue bottle and the red lantern - very cute. Wish I had more time to do some pottering about in shops like this!

  3. Wow! that place is packed! Great finds, I think I could spend a couple hours there.

  4. love your finds! I wish i could go there! there looks like there is so much great stuff~

  5. Wow those are some fabulous finds! Whats the name of this place/how do I find it?!

  6. I love the owls, and that brass apple is just wonderful!

  7. @Shannon & @SteFay - I cannot remember the name of the place at the moment, but it's up in the Fenelon Falls area. The guy told us he will close down on Thanksgiving weekend this year, and I believe they open again in May. I will do my research and come back to you with the name!


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