Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dream Home - Aloha Home!

Today's Dream Home is for Shannon, who's always wanted to live in Hawaii! I did some digging on my favorite real estate website - Sotheby's Realty, and came up with this stunner in Kihei, Hawaii for $19M USD! According to the listing the residence was originally designed for a world renowned celebrity and overlooks Keawakapu Beach, in South Maui.

The wood used for the stairs! The sculpture hanging from the ceiling! The colours! The lighting! The little peek of blue you can see through the back windows! Fabulous!

Love how cool and calming this living room is, especially in the heat of Hawaii! Those wood cabinets on either side of the fireplace are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm ready to sink back into one of those couches for an afternoon nap.

The formal dining area is not too fussy, and looks like the perfect spot to hold a dinner party in such a relaxed place. All of the clean lines, and lack of clutter make for a great getaway dining space. But if you're looking for a little less formal, head towards this cozy little dining nook...

Inside, outside - whatever your little heart desires! With views like that I don't think it matters where you're sitting when you see it.

This room has to be my favorite. With those bookcases and those views, I think I would find myself curled up here all the time with my most recent book or a new magazine. I'm also smitten with that incredible ceiling. The wood in the centre draw your eyes up, and I'm loving the contrast of the darker wood on the white ceiling. Plus, isn't that light fixture magic? I'm sure it would come with the home!

The bedroom and bathroom/dressing room (?) that were pictured in the listing were to die for! Who wouldn't love to roll over in the morning and see that blue water out your window? I so wish they had shared more of the 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms that this home has to share. I can only begin to imagine how incredible they are!


Of course, the reason everyone want's to live in Hawaii... the beach!

On top of all the beautiful interiors and this stunning beach front, the house also boasts; gardens, a golf community, a guest house, a security system, spa / hut tub. Are you sold yet? Want to check out more of the listing? See it right here.

Any place you dream of living? Somewhere in particular you want me to hunt out a gorgeous home? Shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I'll hunt out your dream home.

OH - and don't forget to enter my "Dream Home" Giveaway! You can head over here to read all the details and enter to win! Good luck!


  1. Do you think Shannon would mind if I moved in too!!??

  2. Oh I definitely think I could swing that $19 million price tag...no problem! I love it Kerry! Thanks so much for finding my dream home!

    And yes, Christine, I think there would be room in that mansion for my family and yours! xo


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