Friday, February 11, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

HAPPY FRIDAY Lovelies! So glad I survived this week... but I must say, I think it may have had a little something to do with all of these fancy things that I stumbled across...

Upon seeing this image on Monday morning on this is glamorous... I immediately decided that summer must return this instant, and that I would like to go back to Paris. Obviously neither are happening right now, but a girl can dream, no?

You may remember a while ago I did a little post on Night Owl Paper Goods. Well, they have some new stuff out and I am absolutely in love with their newest little critter plushies. I'd love this little red fox, Adora, in our nursery. Sweet, no?

They have all kinds of cuties like meerkats, owls and lemurs as well! Seriously adorable... you have to go check 'em out!

Though I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, thought I would sneak in a little love related item... from Kate Spade of course. I love the idea of the Love Notes Pendant Necklace. I love that the gold plated envelope opens to reveal a small hidden engraving... a great way to carry around sweet words from your love!

Rhiannon shared this to-die-for wedding on her blog on Wednesday and I instantly fell in love with every single itty bit part of it. You absolutely must go over to her blog and indulge in every single dreamy and beautiful photo. Absolute perfection!

I am so in love with the use of reclaimed wood in this space!! I found it on fabulous k, but it's all the work of Erin. It cozies up the space, and I've always adored the texture of reclaimed wood. 

B and I talk constantly about adding a reclaimed piece of timber above the gas fireplace in our basement as a mantle. It's on that list of thing thing to do... and maybe one day we will actually get around to it. 

Also, my luck continued this week as I won the Wire Home Furnishings giveaway that Wendy had hosted, as well as four tickets to the National Home Show here in Toronto thanks to Staci! (Sorry for hogging all the blog giveaway wins!)

This weekend I plan on catching up with some girlfriends, as well as catching up on some homework, blogs, blogging... and emails! I apologize if you have emailed me recently and not heard back. This week has been a killer and I've had next to no energy when I've arrived home in the evenings. I know I had also promised the reveal of our front entry renovation... but that was just another thing that got pushed to the back burner, so you can expect that post to come next week. For now, enjoy your weekend... and I hope that it's warming up where you are too (we're finally ready to come out of the freezing cold temps we've had recently. My fingers are staying firmly crossed that the weathermen are right!)


  1. i love that love notes necklace! congrats on your blog winnings, too! hope you have a relaxing weekend-you sound like you need it!

  2. Paris and Kate Spade, I love your Fancy Friday Love!! Have a great weekend :)

  3. I agree, summer can come any time now haha
    Hope you have a lovely weekend Kerry :)

  4. ah paris! would love to go too:) that room is amazing, and i love the rug! and that fox is serioulsy adorable~ happy weekend!

  5. That room with the reclaimed wood is amazing!!

  6. I really wish that balcony was mine (: That wall of wood is simply amazing. LOVE


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