Friday, February 4, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

Happy first Friday of February everyone! It's been a long cold snowy week (for a lot of us I think), so let's all warm up with a decaf tea (my current drink of choice, but you can have whatever you want) and some fanciness from the past week...

If this gorgeous home in Croatia won't warm you up... I don't know what will! It was featured on desire to inspire on Tuesday and it was absolutely love at first site for me. I'm ready to go...

I may not have started with something from her blog this week, but I'm not surprised to be sharing another gorgeous space that Erin featured on her blog this past week. This 430 square foot home is beautiful and the space is utilized so well. One picture won't be enough, so make sure to visit Erin and see more!

These pictures (and this post in general) so have me inspired... and itching to go shopping for fabric! I'll need to soon, but trying as hard as I can to pinch some pennies at the moment. Aren't these snaps from Carlee's blog fantastic?

Sorry to disappoint you all... but I believe this is actually very true (most of the time anyway haha)...

I may be starting my own little baby registry here on my blog (haha), but I officially want this adorable little bunny hat for our peanut.

I just saw this hat and thought "Great baby photos!". Available through Adrienne Kinsella on Etsy. So adorable!

Short list this week! I was just so caught up in everything going on at home, and fell a little behind in my blog reading. This weekend I'm just hoping to enjoy myself. I'm meeting a friend at a restaurant here in the city tonight for dinner - Winterlicious is going on right now in Toronto so it's a good chance to hit up some restaurants we may not otherwise visit. For example, tonight we're hitting up Oliver & Bonacini's Canoe - not always an easy place to get a reservation at. YUM! The rest of the weekend we'll do some cleaning, relaxing and cooking for the little Superbowl "party" we're throwing on Sunday. Nothing too exciting for us since the Patriots are out, but it's the Superbowl - we have to watch. Hope the rest of you enjoy your weekend... and we'll catch up on Monday!


  1. My husband tells me I'm not being productive when I'm blog reading, I tell him I'm researching. ;)

    Great inspiration pics! I just gave you a Stylish Blogger Award. Pop on over to claim it.

  2. That house in Croatia is amazing and the little hat, tooooo adorable. I love Winterlicious and so yum on Canoe- I was at O&B the other day for lunch and so good- their Japanese Cesear is like my favourite meal ever!!

  3. croatia has been on my list of places for some time now...this just solidifies it. how cute is that hat?! great for photos is right!

  4. haha, that quote is too funny! It's "creative research" right??

    Enjoy the weekend, Kerry! I'm off to a superbowl party too, but I'll be in the section of the party NOT watching the game.

  5. No love for finishing the front entrance closet and 99% of the painting? I thought staying up until midnight to finish and clean was at least worth a mention. :-P

  6. Hey whiner... you'll get an ENTIRE post devoted to all of your hard work on the front entrance next week... but thanks for ruining that little piece of content still to come...

  7. Would love to be in Croatia right now! Looks warm and sunny :)

    And that hat is so sweet!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  8. That home is beautiful and what a cute little hat for your sweet baby!!

  9. I'm definitely warmed up by the home in Croatia! This is relax-topia.

  10. That little hat it too CUTE!! So happy for you both!

  11. that hat is to die for, as is that abode! beauty~ hope your weekend is wonderful chick!

  12. Haha! I am totally not productive since I started writing my blog. - even think I am getting a bit pudgier b/c of it :) Love the images here - great energy from everything on your site. Thanks!
    whyyoulovemekg on twitter.

  13. Awesome home in Croatia. We had a bunch of my sons friends over for a Superbowl party and I spent three hours trying to figure out a "grab my blog button" not fun. Think I got it though. Have a great week.
    Mary Ann

  14. That is such a cute hat! It may be difficult to find in a store but if you use you can add this hat from any store that has it! My husband and I used this online registry for our registry and were able to add items from ANY store that we desired.


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