Thursday, February 3, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect - Shannon's Laundry Room

I know you haven't heard much from me over the past two days. We've been busy on the homefront. I'm working on a couple of school projects, and doing the best I can to help B finish up the front entrance... in other words, working on content that's to come next week! Can't wait to share... especially our front entry reveal!

Today Shannon from 8 foot 6 is here to share a Perfectly Imperfect space with us. If you've been reading Shannon's blog, than you will know that sadly last Friday she said good-bye to blogging. On a brighter note, I feel honoured that this final look into her home is being shared on my blog. Thanks Shannon.... and we'll miss you! Check out Shannon's Laundry Room...

I have been following Kerry's Perfectly Imperfect series since the beginning! I love it! Thanks for including our home in your imperfect tour!

 We have one room in the house that is functional, but not pretty...its the storage room/laundry room...I think whenever you have a room with a "slash" in the title, its a challenge making it look great!

On top of the dryer sits a printer, and two irons that are on their way out the door...once we locate some new owners! It would be nice to have a countertop installed, with some shelves/cupboards on the wall behind the machines...or maybe even a bar to hang the clothes from the ceiling...

Next to the laundry we have our old pottery barn kids desk that we used in the condo...we aren't ready to sell this baby could come in handy some day in a kids room...for now its our only flat surface that we can dump stuff on...We also have two old parsons chairs and an old sewing machine table in the corner, piled with tennis rackets and the extra car seat (for the airplane)...boxes of cables are pretty much standard issue around here...

 The shelves are a life saver...the room is not very big, so going vertical with storage was key! Do you recognize any of my thrifty finds? I am not sure why the ladder is in the basement and not in the garage...but hey, go with it!

The bins along the back wall are wonderful for storing things that might not fit on the the dragon, of course!

Without this room I couldn't keep the rest of my house clutter free and comfortable...I guess you could say we sacrificed one room...we had big dreams of ikea cupboards, laundry sinks, counters, matchy matchy storage boxes and more...but for now, we are perfectly happy with our imperfection!

Thanks again for having me for a visit on your blog Kerry!

Thanks again Shannon for taking part in this little series of mine! It was so great having you visit here and I wish you all the best in what you have planned with your extra time now. I hope you'll stay in touch... and that we get to do some thrifting together while on I'm my mat leave! :)

I'm always looking for new perfectly imperfect spaces to share, so if you're interested in sharing your space shoot me an email! I'll be back next week with another great space!


  1. Thanks again Kerry!

    I already miss blogging!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh can find me here:

  3. Sad that I am finding you on your way out of blogging, Shannon- but I understand - it's takes up a lot of time! Great space - you included so much storage.

  4. I'm pretty impressed with your organizing, Shannon - stacked neatly AND labeled!? I wish ;)

  5. i am with christine! i wish mine was as organized:)

  6. i miss Shannon...thank you for this peek at her laundry room.
    is it just me or is this space great?...all the bins match!


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