Monday, February 28, 2011


What a crazy weekend! Between B's birthday, a trip to The National Home Show, a night away, our mini bedroom renovation and a space planning project I've been working on for my class there was no time to do any serious blogging. I do however, have some great stuff to share this week, including a bit about our trip to the Home Show, progress and a "mini" reveal of our new master bedroom!

Last night I managed to sneak in some viewing of the Oscar's while writing up my Design Concept Statement for my project. I haven't seen The King's Speech, yet but I've been dying to - so I was happy to see it win Best Director, Best Actor AND Best Picture! Help's that I adore Colin Firth and his sense of humor... I truly enjoyed his acceptance speech (is that strange?)


Guess I'll need to run out and see it ASAP! What did all of you get up to over the weekend?


  1. I have yet to see The King's Speech too, but it's definitely on my must-see list very soon! I can't wait to see your posts this week...they all sound very exciting!

  2. I haven't seen it either but really want to - and I can't wait to read all of your posts this week!!

  3. Sounds like you were productive this weekend. I too haven't seen "The King's Speech" but plan on it soon. Looking forward to some great posts from you!

  4. Yep, on my list too... love that Colin Firth :)

  5. Excellent film. We really enjoyed it. glad it did so well.


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