Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photographer Love - Bittersweet Photography

Before I even knew I was pregnant, I already knew exactly who would photograph our first child. ALWAYS. Period. No questions asked. "Who?" you ask. Well, the talented Nicole of Bittersweet Photography. Okay, so I may be slightly biased as I have known Nicole since we were both only 14, but she seriously has to be the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met... oh yes, and of course, she's incredibly talented behind the camera!

Nicole has a knack for capturing the most precious moments of newborn, toddlers, children and families using natural light. She is so passionate about what she does, and it shines through in every photograph that she takes. What more could you possibly ask for when searching for someone to capture those unforgettable moments for you?

Located just North of Toronto, Nicole caters to the GTA and has just recently started shooting out of her own, bright home studio. Which, might I add, gives her the added luxury of staying at home with her gorgeous little man (you can see him on her blog sometimes).

Can you believe this girl's talent... oh... and that she was mostly self taught!!!??

Nicole offers both premium and mini sessions, and if you are a blog regular (like I am) she also offers up deals and discounts from time to time. Worth it... especially because of all of those beautiful photos you take in whenever she shares her session sneak peaks.

I think the above photo has to be one of my favorites. I've always been a huge fan of photos of newborns with their big strong Daddy's. I hope we can get some like this of B and our little one... and I just know that I will cry my eyes out the first time that I see them (and probably while they are being taken as well).

Nicole is also a big believer in giving back, and she does that regularly through her photography. You can find out more about what Nicole does to give back on her website.

As much as I am currently enjoying my pregnancy (it's been pretty easy with the exception of sleeping recently), I cannot wait for our little one to arrive so I can spend some time with Nicole and get some seriously gorgeous photos of our first baby. I highly recommend her if you're in the GTA and looking for a great photographer to capture your little one or family portraits! Also, if you know someone who's expecting, Nicole offers gift certificates that make a great baby shower gift for Mom's to be (hint, hint haha)! So head on over and check out her portfolio... you'll "awww" your way through a ton of gorgeous photos!

While I'm on the topic of baby, I must ask all you Mom's out there... what was the best thing you registered for, for baby that you would recommend for first time parents! B and I are starting to wrap our heads around it and there is SO MUCH stuff out there. We'd like to try get multi-functional pieces and keep our hoard as small as possible due to our lack of storage space (huge plastic tubs SCARE ME!). So we're completely open to any and ALL suggestions! :) 

I'm in no way being compensated for blogging about Nicole and her business. I just genuinely love the work that she does and felt that it was a crime (and a little selfish of me) to not share her with all of you.


  1. Kerry, Thank you so very much for your post - it definitely made me blush and I cannot wait to photograph your little peanut!

    My tip, though it's more for when baby is older, is that you do not need a lot of toys. Jack prefers to play with boxes and pots and pans which means the rainbow of fisher price in our living room just sits there for the most part.

    As for the registry, we made sure to register for the 2nd carseat we would need in addition to the infant carrier. Jack was only in his infant carrier for 4-5 months and has been in the 3 in 1 ever since (rear facing of course, he hated the infant carrier) so having that ready meant we didn't have to read a bunch of reviews and figure out/shop for what we wanted when he was here, it was already done :)

  2. I just went through a bunch of Nicole's photoshoots and, you're right, they are gorgeous! What a talented photographer!

    As for the registry, as you said you hate big baby tubs, so we got this bath seat:

    You just put it into your bath tub and it's small enough to just hide under the sink or in the closet. I registered at Baby on the Hip too. You should check it out. It's in Leslieville and is so cute!

  3. Stunning photos! She is definitely one of the best that I've seen lately! My cousin just had a baby in the fall and the photos were nice, but definitely not up to this level! Thanks so much for sharing Kerry :)

  4. I love that first pic with the baby on the stool, and surrounded by sheep skin, too cute!!

    Great photography!!

  5. she is so talented! and you will cherish your newborn photos forever! so fun~

  6. I will vouch for Kerry and say SHE AIN'T LYING! Nicole is super sweet and her photography speaks for herself. Beautiful portraits.


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