Friday, February 18, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

Happy Friday friends... I'm especially happy today after B and I got another look at our little bundle of joy yesterday! What a fantastic moment to share together, now that our peanut is... well, larger than the size of a peanut! Oh... and it's also a long weekend... and my day for Fancy finds!

Last Friday on the LENNOX I was totally inspired by this lovely desk photo. Recently, I've been busy working away on homework for my most recent class... and it's sights like this that keep me going. You can't call it clutter when it's a work in progress...

I know you've all seen this one scattered throughout blog land this week, but Danielle painted some black stripes on one of the walls in her little one's bedroom - and they look so great... don't you agree?

On Sunday, Nursery Notations shared these adorable little Robot Pillows and Dolls from Little Korboose.

The Etsy shop is just full of all kinds of other adorable pillows, totes, plates, posters and more! I oooh'd and awww'd over so many items... and may even add a few to my registry at once I know if we're expecing a little boy or girl...

I wish I had got some GORGEOUS cookies like these one's for Valentines Day... how about you?

Liz shared these INCREDIBLE engagement photos on her blog on Valentines Day (that she found here) that were inspired by the move The Notebook. They are absolutely gorgeous...

This week Jessica shared the awesome Passport invites that her and her new hubby created THEMSELVES for their wedding last September! They did a spectacular job, so be sure to go and check out all the neat details in her post! Love them!

So glad we have a long weekend finally! Tomorrow I'll be spending the day with my future sister-in-law, her sister and my cousin shopping for bridesmaid shoes and other wedding related activities, before I swing by my parents for a little visit. Sunday, B and I hope to start working on our bedroom so we can get that in order soon and clear out what is to become the nursery. Even though we've already got the first indication of whether we have a little girl or boy on the way, we're waiting until our 3D Ultrasound next month before we start decorating... but I do have some plans I can share soon so keep an eye out for 'em.

What do you all have planned for your long weekend???


  1. All such fabulous news, Kerry!! Love those black stripes, what an unexpected kid's room touch :) Can't wait to find out if you are having a little boy or girl!! xo

  2. youre in such a great mood - it's oozing through the post. have a fantastic weekend with B and peanut!

  3. so great girly! i love the stripes, and that notebook inspired photo shoot is so dreamy! i am so glad you got to see your little bean!

  4. Have a great long weekend Kerry!! Thanks for including me in your fancy friday love!!

  5. You are so cute! Thanks for sharing my invitations. Thankfully we only had to make about 80!

    Glad you are feeling well :-)


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