Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recent Bedroom Purchases

This morning B and I are off to get another look at our little peanut (we've reached 19 weeks... I cannot believe it!!), so while we're off I wanted to share with you some recent purchases we've made for our bedroom. My original plan was to FINALLY share the interior of our front entrance with you, but every time that I'm ready to take pictures, the conditions are not ideal... so looks like you might be waiting until next week.  

Last night, B and I headed to IKEA (we have one dangerously close to our home... we're talking a 5 minute drive) to pick up what we thought would be the perfect overhead cabinets for my laundry room. WRONG! They were far to shallow, so that hunt continues. We did, however, end up coming home with four curtain panels and two curtain rods to tackle the closet / window corner of our "new" master bedroom.

I felt that having two curtain panels over the closet, and two over the window would be the perfect solution (anything would be better than the one, waffled, too short panel that the previous owners had left hanging over the window for us...). We picked the IKEA Ransby curtains in this nice smokey blue colour, that perfectly matches our Dwell Studio duvet cover. 

The panels are more than long enough (will probably even require some hemming), and they are nice and heavy as well. To get them up on the wall we purchased two SKUGGIG curtain rods in an ivory colour. What I liked about these, is we should be able to get them to meet nice and closely in the corner of the room, to avoid any gaps between the panels.

We also recently made use of some L.L. Bean gift cards that we had received from B's parents for Christmas. We weren't too sure what we'd buy, but the other day I discovered the Big Ben alarm clock and knew the search was over...

I very briefly considered this blue colour, before realizing it would not match anything we had previously picked out for the room, so we went with the Ivory instead. It will look far more stylish in our room than our current clunky black digital one (that I've had since my freshman year of University). It will take up far less space, and I'm thrilled that it takes batteries so there will be no cords snaking around next to our bed.

We're hoping that this weekend there will be some ACTUAL progress in getting the room together. B and I plan on putting some built in "night stands" on either side of our bed to utilize the space in our slanted walls and avoid taking up any more room in our rather small bedroom. If we can get those in, and the walls and ceiling painted by the end of this long weekend, we'll be in a good spot! Do you have any plans to tackle projects at home this long weekend, or are you looking forward to taking it easy with family and/or friends?

Just incase you are wondering later this afternoon, with things being so nuts around here, there is no Perfectly Imperfect room to share this afternoon. I should be back next Thursday with a new space to share with you!


  1. Ultrasounds are the most thrilling thing- are you going to find out gender today? So excited for you!!! Looking forward to seeing your curtains all done too!

  2. Thanks Christine! :) We are SO excited! If they can tell us the gender today B and I are going to find out... but we're keeping it to just the two of us until our parents find out at the 3D Ultrasound on March 11th... so I'll share one here come March! ;)

  3. Love the alarm clock! And the curtains will look fab! Can't wait to see the result!

  4. I really like the alarm clock!!!So happy you found something at LLBean. I like the 100% guarantee they have. I know someone who returned a jacket 5 years after purchased because the cuff frayed. Got a new one no questions asked!
    Thinking of you at the ultrasound!!

  5. let the regular doctor visits begin!!! exciting!

  6. Awww, I hope you enjoyed your visit with your little peanut!! I would be absolutely terrible at keeping the gender secret! My sister wanted to find out at her 19 week ultrasound but the little sucker was too curled up.

    And I love the colour of those curtains from IKEA, are those new?

  7. I can't wait to see the room and find out what you're having!! Did you find out today? I read the above comment about not sharing till March...can't wait!

  8. Love that alarm clock! Can't wait to see it all together. Congrats again on the little one. Hope you are feeling good!

  9. yay for 19 weeks! and ultrasounds are so much fun~ i am loving that lovely blue alarm clock~

  10. You're 5 mins from an IKEA? How are you not there every day? You guys could eat dinner there if you wanted to!


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