Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fancy Appliances

This post has been a long time coming... seeing as we attended this show quite some time ago. Last month, B and I were invited to attend an event showcasing what's new in appliances from both Frigidaire and Electrolux. It took place at the airport Hilton hotel here in Toronto, and let me tell you - we learned a lot! 

When we arrived we met up with a rep who took us through the different appliances, and the first thing we looked at were the induction cooktops. My favourite part about the induction cooktop was the no scratch easy clean surface they come with. B and I have an electric glass stove top (though we hope to buy gas in the future), and we find that food always gets stuck and burns onto the surface, making it hard to clean. With induction cooktops, the only part that will heat up is the part underneath your pot or pan, due to magnets, this means any spilled food or boil overs won't burn onto your stove.

When it came to stoves and ovens, a very cool technology that is coming down the line was the built in thermometer. Based on the price point you buy, the features of these thermometers differ. My favourite had to be the "automatic stop" feature. Based on what you are cooking (i.e. pork, chicken, beef, etc.) you put in your information like the finished temp, and when your food is ready the oven will automatically turn off. Perfect for a Thanksgiving turkey, no? No need to continuously open and close the stove to check on the turkey (aside from basting), and if you need to run out quickly no need to worry about the turkey over cooking. Brilliant!

I've also decided that I want... no NEED one of their steam washer and dryer pairs. Unlike most appliance companies who only have steam coming from the top, Frigidaire and Electoloux have steam coming from the bottom. Think about it, smart right, considering hot air rises. (Oh... and how great is this blue colour?... Would look fantastic in our laundry room!)

Are you someone who still loves the traditional top load washer? Well, that's been addressed with some new technologies. By removing the agitator in top loading washers, there is more tub room, and less wear and tear on you clothing. Big bonus, right?

I was a big fan of the "real stainless steel" that they use on their appliances - you can really see the difference in how it stands up to finger prints and smudges. 

A few other things that I really loved? This Electrolux stove was definitely right up there. Gas (which is definitely what B and I plan to buy when we replace our own), and loved that piece that fits your wok. Gorgeous.

I was also a big fan of the custom look of both of these stoves below, also from Electrolux.

It was a great show and we both learned a lot checking out all of the different appliances at different price points, and a lot of the new technologies coming down the line. It gave us both a good case of appliance envy though. I would've gladly taken home anything in the show room there!

I got a great little grab bag with some nice little items to give away... so keep an eye out for an upcoming product review and giveaway! I can't wait to share (now that I'm over 100 followers!). 

Are there any appliances that you're lusting after as of late?


  1. i was lusting over a new fridge for a looong time, and we finally got a new one. i've got a post all about it, but it's never bright enough to take a pic in my kitchen with the new one! we have an electric range, and we want to change to gas. drooling over all those beauties!

  2. well, having just bought a new house as well,we are looking to replace them all..except the new fridge that my father in law bought us for him!!
    it's funny, i would never look twice at new appliances it's one of my favourite things to do when we go i'd kill for one of those huge industrial double fridges and a double gas range...sigh

  3. I love having a washer/dryer in my apartment but am lusting after a FANCY front loading one like the one you have pictures. I have to dry clean half my clothes because I don't trust these machines.

    Easily a new washer/dryer will be one of our first big purchases for the new house.

  4. Oh I would be in heaven!! I really want a front loading laundry pair at my house... I had to leave my last one behind... *sad face*

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