Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dream Home - Crystal's California Home

Today's Dream Home for is for my blogger friend Crystal who wanted something in Laguna Beach or the Hollywood Hills. I was so happy to tackle this one after suffering through the cold and snow that's been on top of us recently. As soon as I got this request I knew I had to turn to trusty Sotheby's, as they would certainly not let me down on this hunt.

Now, of course searching "California, United States" turned up over 1,600 results so I wanted to narrow my search to something that I thought would really fit with Crystal, and in the areas she had asked for. After quite a bit of searching I found this gem, and hopefully it fits the bill of "Dream Home" for Crystal.

Though I'm not a huge fan of the furnishings of this home from the posting (easily fixed when you move in), I do love the neutral colour scheme which would literally give you a blank slate to work with upon your move in date. Check out these main living areas...

There's definitely more than enough room to work with in these areas... but I was particularly a fan of this sun room when I saw it...

I'm also loving the big bright kitchen area... the some seriously fantastic views. Imagine having your morning tea / coffee from here...

Once again, I was not by any means, blown away by the furniture or decor choices made in the master bedroom. However, it would also be a blank slate once everything was moved out, and it seems a good size and nice and bright. I love that wall of windows with the shutters, the pitched ceiling and the fire place (but I'd probably lose the mirrors). Lovely!

What really got me about the property was the outdoor area. Okay, it may not be near the water... and it may not even have a pool - but don't tell me the views aren't gorgeous and you wouldn't love hosting your friends here. Seriously... love it!

Crystal.. I hope this is what you are looking for. I know that you could definitely add your own touch to this home... and then invite me over to hang out in all of that great outdoor space! :)

Where are you dreaming of living or vacationing? Is there a specific location or style of home you can't stop thinking about? Shoot me an email or leave me a comment and let me know what you're looking for, and I'll be happy to hunt it down for you.


  1. ah the views!! and that outdoor space is screaming my name! so pretty~

  2. Ah! I love everything about this home. Stunning. The outdoor fireplace is amazinggg

  3. oh lordy! how did i miss this? I thought you had forgotten about me :( love this place. i should move immediately.


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