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Perfectly Imperfect - Jessica's Walls

Happy Thursday! Today Jessica from Decor Adventures is here to share what's Perfectly Imperfect in her home. I came to know Jessica through blogging, and her blog is full of all kinds of goodies! Jessica moved into her home last year and was married in September. Her and her new hubby are now working hard to make their house a home and she's always sharing great DIY projects - so be sure to check out her little space in the blogosphere!

Hello all, I'm Jessica from Decor Adventures.  When Kerry invited me to participate in Perfectly Imperfect I thought ~ Well that will be easy, I have tons of spaces in the works at my place and none are perfect! But then I thought ~ Oh no, I have so many imperfect parts of my house - which one do I pick?

Turns out it was really easy to choose. My walls are perfectly imperfect.

How fabulous are walls, right? You can paint them, hang things on them, decorate them. Our walls need all of the above!

At 9 feet high and 20+ feet long in our rooms, some walls are plaster, some drywall, some are covered in a variety of other surfaces including painted over wallpaper, like the lower half of our front foyer, on the far right in the photo. See the texture? I think it's pretty. They're not all like this though :-)


We moved into our home about 8 months ago.  It was built in 1900 and for walls that are 111 years old, they are in really good shape.  Most of the walls are plaster, which can be tricky, dusty, or smooth like a baby's butt when its done right. And thankfully much of ours is.

While most of our rooms are decorating projects in the works, we're working with our imperfect walls.

Sadly we don't have much hung up yet.  Most of the walls and ceilings {if you can believe it} are also covered in wallpaper. Thankfully that wallpaper has been painted :-) Yep, we have painted over wallpaper on plaster. Glamorous right?  Here are some of those wallpaper patterns we've found underneath.

Wallpaper under the paint

I've only stripped a little of it off. Wallpaper over plaster in older homes can be a blessing because it protects the walls. Plus who wants to be scraping off that stuff overhead? No way!

Here is some raw plaster in our side hallway where I recently did strip some.


Some of the walls are covered in paneling or half covered like in the side foyer, currently being redone {including the light fixtures}.

Side Foyer

Our basement is currently getting a makeover. It has paneling on the bottom half of the walls. This is my craft and furniture project area.

Craft Corner

Our living room is painted over wallpaper. New couches just the other week - woo hoo!

Living Room

In the kitchen you'll see bead board, drywall and tile. Yes, a threesome wall covered room! We realize the left over tile {by the refrigerator} is probably from a lack of funds, shall we say, when the kitchen was previously renovated. We do plan to take that tile down some day.

As of now, some of our walls are striped, like the guest room.

Guest Room

And our bedroom is a nice calming shade of gray-blue.

There's much more to be done to our walls. For now they're perfect for us. Come visit if you want to see what we do to them, I'd love to have you!

Thanks to Kerry for allowing me to visit!

Thanks so much Jessica for giving us this little peak into your home! It's always fun discovering the little imperfections of older homes that give it "character". You two have certainly been working hard on your little casa, and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves next. I also must say I love how cute and sunny your kitchen is... even if it does have three different wall coverings in such a small space! :)

Come back next Thursday to see who's going to share their own perfectly imperfect space!


  1. My parent's house is 100+ years old and we have some crazy walls too :) Matte/flat paint is your best friend haha

  2. Wow. I also love the texture in that first picture. You're doing a great job at working with what you have and coming up with creative solutions to every project you take on. The guest room looks great!!!

  3. I love the stripes. I also love the character that old homes offer! Your home is beautiful, Jessica!

  4. Looks like these walls found someone to love them :) What a beautiful home you have, Jessica.

  5. Jessica, what a beautiful home! I adore the walls and kind of love the old school wallpaper; is that bad? Everything is amazing, can't wait to see more projects! Hi Kerry :) Hope you are feeling fabulous girlfriend xoxo

  6. Your sweet comments are making me smile! Thanks all for *visiting* my home and for Kerry for having me!

    Brittany - Yes, note to self when I buy paint - flat!

    Rhiannon - That one wallpaper seems like some kind of damask which was nice, you're right, it was the back of one or something, we couldn't figure it out but there was bad 80's wallpaper over it then paint, so it came down in some places.

    :-) Jessica


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