Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adding Storage

When we transplanted from our tiny Toronto home to our new spacious pad in British Columbia, I never imagined I would be having a hard time trying to store things in Halle's closet. After all, it was significantly larger than her previous one. 

Okay, so storage itself wasn't the main issue - it was hanging all of her tiny little clothes. This girl is a fashionista and she doesn't even know it, and the one rod (installed too closely to the top shelf), was just not cutting it for hanging all of her adorable little outfits...

Halle's Closet

Not only was there not enough room to hang everything, but half of her hangers didn't even fit properly over that single rod, making it hard to slide items to find what I was looking for. From the moment I started unpacking her clothes, I knew that something would have to be done about this situation. 

The top two things that I took into account were 1) it had to be removable and 2) it had to be inexpensive. With those two considerations in mind, it seemed like a no brainer - we'd use a tension rod. Perfect!

May 7, 2012

It adds that extra row of hanging space that we need, and the hangers that don't fit onto the top rod, slide easily along this narrower tension rod. I love that we have a ton of extra space to slowly add to her 12 - 18 and 18 - 24 month clothes as we find stuff we love for a great price (yes, the entire top rod is dominated by 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes... she has SO MANY).

May 7, 2012

Such a simple project, but the type of project we will have to become more familiar with, as we adjust to living the life of renters once again.

What tips and tricks do you have for improving and increasing your storage space for less? We're happy to take any and all of them at this point.

Tomorrow I'll give you a better look at how Halle's nursery is coming along. We're finally starting to get some things hung on the wall, but I still have quite a few decisions to make, and you all know that I value your opinions! 


  1. I can certainly empathize with trying to address storage issues in a rental. I love the tension rod solution. One of the issues I faced was turning a hall cupboard (with a hanging rail), into something that would suit storage for linens, towels, and sewing supplies (e.g. sewing machine, boxes of fabrics etc). I picked up a set of storage shelves from ikea (the very basic wood version that seems to be designed for garage storage), and managed to fit it into the cupboard - so now I can have neatly arranged linens...and I can take it with me for future garage storage.
    Loving 'watching' how you new home evolves...

  2. what a great idea! i honestly would have never thought of that! ha!

  3. We've done the same thing with our girls' closet - they share one about the same size as the one above. That extra bar has made all of the difference. You'll love it.

  4. Adding storage like these can maximize the space capacity of the room. This is a good idea to follow.


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