Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Months of Halle

Has it really been ten months since this tiny woman came into our lives?...

10 Months

She has such a personality these days and is clearly the light of both of our lives. Her smile just melts my heart and I cannot get enough of her giggles. And yes, for anyone observant enough to notice, she is still in the exact same 3-6 month onesie she was wearing for her five month photo. She is one tiny lady indeed!

- She's an adventurous baby and these days is climbing on and standing up on everything
- She's too sweet. She smiles, says "Hi" and waves all of the time... and I still get all of the kisses. Avoiding her Daddy's kisses seems to have become a game with her these days.
- She's becoming less and less interested in the puree's that I am making her and when we eat dinner now points at whatever is on our plates. Time for me to start making some healthy meals that she can enjoy as well.
- We're still waiting on tooth #3! No visible signs of it, but baby girl has had a slight fever and been a little fussy the past two days, so I'm wondering if it's a sign of things to come maybe? 
- She just continues to get better at sleeping. She naps in her crib on her own (FINALLY!) and  will normally sleep through the nights (until about 5:30 or 6:30am).
- She's pointing at everything, more likely because she wants it, as opposed to she wants to know what it is - but we tell her what it is, and sometimes if we are lucky we will get rewarded with a small attempt at some sound. 

It's hard to believe how quickly these 10 months have gone, and before we know it she will be a year old. Thankfully, I am moving into planning her birthday party back in Toronto (B's Mom has taken care of a party for her in Boston), and I can't wait for it. I'm thankful I will have quite a bit of time back at my parents place this summer to work on more plans. Won't be much longer now...


  1. She's so precious Kerry, I can't believe her 1st birthday is just around the corner!! Have fun planning her party!

  2. Oh what a little cutie!! I've missed your blog since I've taken my break! Back now & looking forward to catching up! x

  3. so cute. time does fly. my little man is going to turn 4 in a few weeks!

  4. oh wow, 10 months!!! She's still just as cute as day 1


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