Friday, May 25, 2012

This Friday...

Happy Friday! WHAT A WEEK! Halle has had a slight fever for most of it, and has needed a lot of Mommy cuddles... and naps. Due to this, there was not much time to blog... only time to work on projects while she slept. So while this meant very little going on, on the blog, this week... it means there should be plenty to share next week! 

Like the kitchen chairs! As of this morning, one has both coats of paint done, two need the second coat and I'm also done sanding the fourth...


What!? You didn't think I was going to give it all away today... did you!? :)

A new arrival also showed up at our house yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram, you already would've spied our new "HOME" pillow. I won it from a giveaway over at My So Called Home. Hilary and Amy, from Honeymoon at Home, teamed up to let the lucky winner choose any one item from Amy's great store. I was drawn to the HOME pillow, as a reminder that wherever we are together is truly Home. I love it...


Scout Vintage and Handmade Market is taking place tomorrow. They are calling for nice weather (let's hope that sticks), so Halle and I will be heading there to do some shopping and meet some lovely ladies, while B is off at a softball tournament. I'll also be spending a good amount of time preparing for our first house guest who will arrive next Saturday. No time to slack.... so back to work I go! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I can't wait to share all of the fun things I have going on next week!


  1. Yay the pillow! Great choice.

  2. Happy friday! Have a great weekend

  3. Whoa cute pillow! Love the punchy fun colours!
    Oh Kerry so sad I didn't get to see you yesterday...was I in my booth?
    Maybe I will make my isle wider next time to accommodate buggies!
    Any time you have time how about a meet up @ Fort Langley?
    I have a booth there and if you haven't been to the village yet its very cute!
    I'll buy you a latte @ Wendels! (
    Take care & have a great Sunday!

  4. p.s. your bentwood chairs are wonderful & I like them painted! Is there a mark or engraving on them?
    Also I will keep an eye out for some more big chalkware dogs for your Halle!
    The one you commented on was bought by Twig Home probably saw them @ Scout! And Kevi took a pic on her phone sent to her mom on vaca in Phoenix and the go ahead to buy it! Dog items go fast ...these are my daughters collection from when she was a little girl she is married and has a house to remodel!


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