Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Bits from the Past

The other week when I shared some of the best gifts that we gave and received at Christmas, there was one that I forgot to mention. One of the extremely thoughtful gifts, given to me by B’s Mom and Grandmother, was this box of vintage handkerchiefs. 


They belonged to B’s Grandmother, and they were passing them on to me, thinking that maybe I could make some pretty doll clothes for Halle. However, after looking through them, B and I knew that we could not take scissors and thread to these beauties, so we are on a mission to find homes for them in our little house.  My two favourites are these pretty floral ones...


This one came straight from Poland, where B’s grandfather was from...


And this one was purchased by B’s parents on their honeymoon. How could I ever cut up such beautiful pieces? 


I hope that one can be added to Halle’s gallery wall in her bedroom, and that at least two can be included in the gallery wall in our living room.

What would you do with these beauties if they were gifted to you? Frame them, or do something unique? Were you gifted anything special or sentimental this holiday season? Or maybe just something beautiful that you can’t wait to incorporate into your home d├ęcor?


  1. Those are beautiful! There is something about things from the past - you know they have a story. These would look lovely framed. :)

  2. I don't think I could bring myself to cut those up either! Framed - on their own or in a series, or even as a collage might be nice. Let us know what you decide!

  3. They're lovely!! I wouldn't be able to cut them up either, but I love the idea of framing them!

  4. I think they will look absolutely beautiful framed - what a special gift!

  5. What a lovely gift. I couldn't cut those either. You could frame some, or for the floral ones make them into pillows to sit on Halle's crib or rocker.

  6. I love old handkerchiefs, I'm saving ours until I have 12 to make a handkerchief butterfly quilt. That way the handkerchiefs are not cut, if the next generation wants to do something different, they still can.


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