Monday, January 23, 2012

Six Months of Halle

I can hardly believe that half a year has already passed since our sweet little girl joined us. In the same breath, it seems as if I have known and loved her my entire life. What would I do without her? (Okay, maybe I would sleep more, enjoy some hot showers and still get to read every single magazine that lands in my mailbox... but it's okay, I have her). Here is my little bundle of sweet celebrating six months of wonderful...

Six Months - January 23, 2012

What is our Halle up to these days?...
- See the blurry little hand? Halle has been twisting and turning that wrist non-stop, as if she is wavin. She "waves" at everything! Mommy & Daddy, the puppies, her toys.... nothing at all. She just loves waving that little hand around, trying to figure it all out
- Babbling started the other week. Lots of "Ah-ma-ma-mum-mumum" and "AH-bla-bla-bla-bla". AND, sometimes, she just loves to open and close her mouth as if she were babbling... but with no noise coming out.
- Thankfully, after a few long nights last week while she was sick, we are back to 5+ hours of sleep each night... and all 3 of us are loving it!
- She is the happiest little girl - full of smiles and giggles for us, and I cherish each of those moments! Her little giggle is the best sound in the entire world!

I also need to thank ALL of you who voted for Halle in Bittersweet Photography's "Pic of the Month" contest! We found out this morning that we tied for second place! Which means we get $100 to use towards another session with Nicole this year! I can't wait! What should we use it for? Halle's one year photo's? Family Christmas Card photo's? I'm torn!! 


  1. she is growing up soooooooooooooooooooo fast!!!!

    What a cutie!!!

    I'm waving right back at her!

  2. she is so darling--dying over this cute pict!

  3. Halle is so so cute!! Her eyes just light up! :)

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  5. They are such a joy!!! I my little one just turn 4 and I can believe it. Soon she will be running around waving is just the beginning  . I discovered your blog through the Canadian blogger meeting event and find is really nice and inspiring. See you Saturday!

  6. is it just me, or is she looking strikingly like her dad?? :) gorgeous cutie pie. I can't believe that she's 6 months old! It seems like you had her just a few weeks ago (ok, not weeks, but still... 6 months is HUGE)!

  7. awww- and yes, I agree with NK! Not that I know B, but from the pics you have put up. She's looking good and love how she's working the wave!

  8. She is SO adorable! Happy half birthday to little Halle!!!

  9. & weird...why was I not already following your blog? I just fixed that! Now an official follower, haha!

  10. Ah she's so cute :) I love seeing you post her photos on FB throughout the day. What a joyful little blessing!

  11. I don't know if that little girl could be any cuter! I say family Christmas photos for the GC.



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