Thursday, January 19, 2012

What to Wear...

So, next Saturday is the Canadian Design Bloggers meet-up here in Toronto. It will be filled with so many faces I have met before, some whom I only only met online as well as a bunch that I am sure I will have the pleasure of knowing for the first time ever. Of course, on top of these ladies the place will be filled with some really great sponsors and guest speakers...

So, aside from needing to book myself in for my spa treatments this weekend (kindly gifted to me by B for Christmas), I need to find something to wear. Being at home all day with Halle, my everyday uniform is sweat pants or yoga pants, with a tank top and sweater. If we go out, it's jeans and a tank top or t-shirt with a cardigan. I need help remembering how to dress in social environments... PLEASE!

My parents bought me a dress similar to this one below, for Christmas. It just has a little gold in it. I'm dying to wear it, just wondering if it's "too much", for this event... and what shoes would I wear?


But maybe this Lace Overlay skirt from Jacob is a better alternative if I want to add this feminine touch to my outfit?


I also have some money to spend at H&M, so I've been browsing their website for some inspiration as well...

I love the colour of this blazer, but I'm not too sure if throwing this on with a pair of jeans is too close to my usual outfits that I want to try and steer clear of?


I'm not so great with this stuff, so I would love to hear everyone weigh in. What are other bloggers wearing, and what should I wear! I'm excited to wear something fun, that I normally wouldn't wear when I'm with baby... and I'm pretty excited all of my baby weight is gone, so I'd love to feel and look pretty again. Who wants to go shopping with me?


  1. The blazer and the lace skirt would look awesome together! Have fun!

  2. I second Amelia's comment, with a comfortable pair of black stilettos maybe? If I could fend off this flu, I will be going and it'd be great to finally put a voice to the face. :-)

  3. The 'what to wear' conundrum is one of those things that makes me really nervous about these kind of events. I have no idea what I'm going to wear yet either! I think the lace skirt is SO cute and definitely agree with Amelia and Michelle. But... if you want to wear that dress, I would say go for it! It's gorgeous!

    Can't wait to see you! I'll be the one in the really really safe outfit or in the fashion faux-pas. Haven't decided yet. ;)

  4. Oh that lace skirt is so pretty!! That jacket would give it a pop of color and make it not look as dressy, which I think would be perfect! I'm sure you will look beautiful!! Have fun on your night out.

  5. Oooo! Fun! I always say its better to feel over dressed than under dressed! I also say you can never be over dressed if you feel great ;) I''m totally a dress person, so I'd say wear that lace dress you already own, it would look awesome with a blazer similar to that one too any colour! Add some black opaque tights and black shoes and you're good to go! The lace skirt is totally pretty too, with either a black top/colourful blazer combo or colorful top.

    I so wish I could go to the meetup, ive never met any bloggy friends in real life! Have fun, Kerry, and enjoy your spa day too!!

  6. p.s. I'd totally go shopping with you... head on over to Edmonton, we DO have the largest shopping mall in the world! ;)

  7. Ditto what Christine said. To everything. ha! I don't always read comments before I post but good thing I did otherwise I would have written out all the same suggestions she gave! You can definitely wear the dress to this event, always better to be overdressed. Sadly I can't go but I want to live every moment vicariously through you all! :) Most important of all - wear an outfit that you are excited to wear,it will make you feel so much better!

  8. The dress for sure. I love it!! And, I agree, you could do some opaque black tights with black stilettos. Or some cute booties would be totally cute too. Have fun on your night out!


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