Monday, January 16, 2012

Our 2012 Travel Wish List

B and I both have a bit of the wanderlust. A desire to travel - to see new places, have new experiences and try new foods. You may have already caught on to this from posts like my look back on our trip to Dublin, or our road trips to Pittsburgh in 2010 and Cleveland last May. Of course, those are only just a few of our travels. Even though money is a little tighter, and Halle is here, we still intend on squeezing in a little bit of travelling this year. Here's what we have on our radar for 2012...

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This trip is already a go! My parents have a time share only a 10 minute drive from Disney World in Florida. My last trip there was in April 2008 with B. It was our very first vacation together. This spring we plan on returning, with my parents, as well as B's, to take Halle to Disney for the first time. Of course she won't remember it, but there will be a ton of photos, and we will always remember. Disney has always been one of my favourite places to visit, and always makes me feel like a child. This year's visit will be extra special, now that we have our own little girl to put Minnie ears on, and buy a princess dress for.

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We try to go back at least a couple of times a year and this year will be no exception. I have so many great memories about living here, and I still have so many wonderful friends who live there. What will make visiting even better this year, is one of my good friends is expecting a little girl any day now and I cannot WAIT to meet her and watch her grow with Halle! Bringing Halle to this beautiful city that I once called home will mean so much to me!

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This is top of our "wish list" this year! We've talked about visiting Chicago for quite some time, and finally, this year, the Red Sox will be in the Windy City taking on the Cubs. We would like to see the Sox play at as many stadiums as we can, and Wrigley is right at the top of our list. Here's to hoping we can swing this trip!

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The city where we met and fell in love! Whether we make a solo trip this September to mark our five year anniversary, or go in late November with Halle to take in Christmas in the city, this is another trip we'd love to make happen. It helps that we know some pretty awesome people who live there that we would like to see as well!

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I have never been to DC, and B hasn't been since he was a little boy. Combine that with the fact that two of his awesome cousins live there, and we have a road trip just waiting to happen. We're not too sure if we can squeeze this one into our budget, but we will definitely keep this on there as a wish list item.

Are there any places you plan to visit or would like to visit in 2012? Or maybe you have some good tips for one or more of the places we'd like to visit!? I think my list could go on forever... but to keep from boring you, I thought I'd keep it realistic for today...

OH, and just as a surprise... we've already managed to sneak off to one of our destinations this year. Come back this afternoon to find out where we went and what we got up too!


  1. Hooray for wanderlust! Can't wait to see which of these trips you're able to swing this year. They all look great!

  2. ahh, I totally have the travel itch right now!! So glad to hear you guys have so many plans even with Halle. We always told ourselves we would still travel once we had kids too, I know it'll be different kinds of travel but it's totally still doable and I can't wait to travel with Alice.

    Disney is one of my favourites too! You are never too old for disney, it really is the happiest place on earth ;) You guys are going to have so much fun there with Halle!

    We'll be heading down to Mississippi and New Orleans again this year to see my bro get married! I'm hoping to get to NYC one day soon, it's been on my wish list forever. I'll live vicariously through you for now :)

  3. I'm hoping to get to NYC sometime this year! I've never been and I'm DYING to go!!

  4. We can make it a memorable discovery in this new year.

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