Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hoping You'll Vote

Just taking a quick moment out of a busy day to ask a favour from my wonderful readers! Back in August, I shared some of the beautiful photos that Nicole of Bittersweet Photography took of Halle as a newborn. Well, Nicole picked one of those photos as her favourite photo for the month of July, meaning Miss Halle is a finalist in Nicole's Pic of the month contest! So, this post is to ask if you could pretty, pretty please vote for this little face...


There are two ways that you can vote!

1. Visit Bittersweet Photography on Facebook, and like her page. Then click on her Pic of the Year 2012 Album, and "like" the photo of our little Miss. 

2. You can visit Nicole's website and simply vote for Halle's photo on the poll she has set up. She is #8.

Every vote we get counts, and we would LOVE to get another session with Nicole this year! If you're expecting, and due between now and July, Nicole also has a newborn special going on. Just be sure to book before the 20th of this month. To find out more about her newborn deal, you can read about it on her website.

Thanks again for your support dear readers!


  1. VOTED!! :) Just love that sweet picture of Miss Halle, she is the most beautiful little baby!! :) xooxox

  2. how can you not vote for that sweet little face! done and done

  3. OMG...she is absolutely adorable, like an angel! I've voted at both places. :-)

  4. just voted for you. she is so precious xoxo

  5. I actually just said OH MY GOD out loud. HOW CUTE is that picture??? so precious, I'll be voting!

  6. i love it sooo much! of course you have my votes!

  7. I don't have Facebook but I voted on her website! Halle is soooo cute!

  8. I voted!

    Halle has to be the cutest newborn I've ever seen. But she's gotten so big and grown up since that picture was taken! What a sweety. :)

  9. Voted! Good luck :) Great photo BTW.

  10. oh so sweet!!! Love this photo. Going to vote right now!


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