Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living Room Refresh - Project #1

Slowly but surely, I've been working away on our living room refresh project. New curtains have been purchased, the bookshelves have been styled (though I am sure I will make numerous changes before you ever see them on here) and a paint colour has been chosen (even if it's not on the walls yet). One of the other projects on my list for this room, was to give some new life to the hooks that hang over our arm chair...

Living Room - August 2011

I'd bought this piece back in my University days when I was big time into Paris... and went far too "themey" with my decor. Now that those days are behind me, I knew that I wanted to make it fit in with our more "grown up" style and provide us with some more function. God knows we can always use more functional pieces in our always busy household!

Since these hooks hang right by our front entrance, I thought it would be the perfect place to create a little message board centre. So after spraying the wood frame white, I pulled out the frog tape and chalkboard paint that was left over from my chalkboard calendar project and got to work. I taped off the rectangles, where the pictures of the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower were, and put on the required two coats of chalkboard paint (waiting four hours between coats of course). 

Chalkboard Paint Project 2

When all was said and done, we popped the mirror back in, screwed the hooks on and back on the wall it went! Piece of cake! Love these easy projects!

Chalkboard Paint Project 2

We still have a couple more days to wait before we can condition the surface with chalk and start to write on it, but it will be a great place to leave little reminders to ourselves or even just jot down a festive greeting!

My favourite part of the whole project? It was that we worked with everything we already owned... okay, so I bought the spray paint - but I used a gift card that the gracious people at Home Depot had provided to us, to help with our home renovation and decoration projects. So it still cost us absolutely nothing! 

Feels good to have another project crossed off the list, and be one step closer to sprucing up our little living room. 

Have you been feeling crafty and creative recently, and finished up any projects using pieces you had laying around your home? 


  1. Looks cute - it's the perfect spot to check your lipstick or write a quick message on your way out the door.
    It seems like the projects I'm supposed to be doing around here are falling to the wayside lately. I've gotta get back on the horse! Perhaps your living room refresh series will inspire me to get my butt in gear! xo

  2. Great DIY! It really makes a difference. And hey, FREE is always good!

  3. love the project kerry! even more awesome to have it all on hand and repurpose something! i'm feeling very crafty lately, but have a hard time switching gears from the bigger things still on the to-do list. i've got lots of things i can't wait to get around to though!

  4. Great idea - it looks like a brand new piece and I love how the white frame pops! It's nice that you've turned it into an even more functional piece now too.

  5. Such a simple yet elegant makeover...very nicely done! I've recently gone through a living room refresh project, and it took me almost half a year including finishing touches. And I didn't even do a complete overhaul. :-)


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