Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3 Months of Halle

It's taken me a couple days to get around to sharing this (thanks to some internet issues), but here's Halle at 3 Months (which she hit this past Sunday).

3 Months

She's growing so quickly it amazes me! Here's what she's up to now...

- Clearly, she's holding her head up strong and doesn't mind tummy time so much now that she can. We often both lay on our tummy's in the afternoon, on her pretty yellow rug and read and play together!
- Speaking of tummy time, little girl surprised us a week before she turned 3 months and rolled from her tummy to her back for us! She loves doing that... just needs to work on the back to tummy rolling!
- She's reaching for stuff and holding onto certain rattles. We now have 2 toys that she truly enjoys - a little giraffe rattle and some stuffed dice that make noise when she squeezes them. These two toys will now travel with us everywhere we go.
- She's squealing and "talking" up a storm these days... especially with her Daddy! Her face lights up when he gets home from work - the girl just can't get enough of him and I don't blame her one bit! Neither can I!
- She sits up well when we support her, and instantly starts reaching for her tiny feet. Aside from her two toys - those are her favourite things to reach for.

Thankfully - with all of this toy loving she's doing recently, I've had a chance to get a bit more done on our living room refresh! B and I are also making purchases and finishing up plans on the bathroom (no demo yet) - so I'm hoping to be sharing all of this with you guys soon. Even if Halle isn't the greatest napper in the world... I'm doing my best to accomplish things and hope to be back to regular posting ASAP!.... I miss you guys!


  1. Awwwww little peanut!!! It was great to finally meet her this past weekend, she really is a little charmer!

    Hope the sleep schedule gets back to a bearable 5 hours soon! ;)

  2. i love how excited you say she gets when B comes home from work. so cute!

  3. Such a cutey!! I love the fluffy hair on top :)

  4. She is darling!! Love her big happy smile!

  5. I just awarded you!

  6. Awww!!! Look at that adorable girl just loving her fabulous nursery!

  7. oooh she is soooo cute!! Ps - stop by my blog for a giveaway (if anyone, you deserve a chance to win a little something! :) )

  8. So cute! Love those eyes and that rug looks pretty comfy to lay on :)

  9. she's growing so fast, she's too cute! my sister is having a baby in march and i can't wait to watch their baby's growth just like this

  10. Way to go Halle! Growing so beautifully. <3


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